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Emissa is a humanitarian organization, founded and established in the Syrian city of Homs, where our name originates: Emissa is a historical name for Homs. The organization was founded in 2012, when a Syrian grassroots group of volunteers from different ethnical and educational backgrounds came together to support their fellow citizens, suffering from the escalating Syrian crisis.

Today, we are a team of about 280 people, unified by a common belief in human dignity, peace and sustainable development. The objective from the beginning was, and is up to the present day, to support civilians in war and crisis, in particular the most vulnerable, to relieve their suffering and strengthen their resilience to help them overcome the crisis.

What we do goes beyond simply responding to emergencies: We empower communities and thereby contribute to an environment where civilians affected by war can gain back some of their dignity and rights. We help communities to rebuild their lives themselves and support them with expertise and capacity building as well as access to education, vocational training and to the labor market. To create an enabling environment for self-reliance, we assist with the provision of aid and facilitate access to health, shelter and basic services.

We support people from the out-break of a crisis, throughout the crisis and we do not leave when the media stops reporting.

We partner with local and international organizations and closely cooperate with local civic entities and key community members in our working areas. Thereby, we ensure local ownership and sustainability, which are the determining factors for fostering resilience. Our work is guided by clear humanitarian principles and a holistic approach that puts people, their rights and individual needs at the center of all activities.

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