Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer – Kanserli Çocuklara Umut Vakfı (KAÇUV) 388 views

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Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer - Kanserli Çocuklara Umut Vakfı (KAÇUV)

The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV) was established in 2000 by the doctors at the Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical School Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Service and the families of patients who receive treatment there.

Our philosophy is “Where there is life, there is hope”  This helps us accomplish our main purpose at KAÇUV which is to help our children with cancer to recover and to enable them to participate as healthy members of society.  KAÇUV and its volunteer groups aim to share their experiences gained over the years with all the hospitals that include a pediatric hematology and oncology service.

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the main purposes of the Hope Foundation for the Children with Cancer includes creating and sustaining a suitable environment for treatment, which is an important requirement in the battle against cancer.  KAÇUV was also established for the purposes of:

  • enabling the continual treatment for the child whose treatment might otherwise be discontinued because of financial hardship;
  • giving psychological support, which is an important need in the battle against cancer, and createing a proper treatment atmosphere for the child’s psychology;
  • conducting various activities in the Family Home and Children Hematology/Oncology Services during the child’s treatment in order to increase his or her quality of life in psychological, social, physical and medical terms;
  • raising awareness in the public and healthcare professionals of the need for early diagnosis of childhood cancer.

Thanks to many generous donations, we have established an integrated hospital-home-society service model to support children in the various stages of their battles against cancer today as well as into the future by using the professional resources with Family Home.

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