Expert Services to Develop and Pilot a Coastal Climate Risk Rapid Assessment

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Coastal Climate Risk Expert: Identifying Climate-Smart Solutions for Commonwealth SIDS and Coastal Cities


The Commonwealth Secretariat is seeking to engage a qualified consultant with expertise in city and coastal climate risk to assist in the analysis and review of three pilot coastal climate risk rapid assessments in selected Commonwealth countries. This part-time, shortterm consultancy will include providing research and analysis, providing expert guidance to three in-country coordinators, and liaising with the Commonwealth Secretariat and its delivery partner, the Stimson Center. The consultancy is open to individuals and to consortia of more than one person.

Background, objectives and purpose

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 54 independent and equal sovereign states and home to 2.4 billion people. The Commonwealth Secretariat is an independent organisation working with the 54 member countries and assists them together to promote prosperity, democracy and peace, amplify the voice of small states, and protect the environment.

The Commonwealth Secretariat’s Trade, Ocean and Natural Resources Directorate assists its member countries to sustainably manage their natural resources, in the ocean and on land, for the benefit of present and future generations. The Secretariat provides technical assistance and support member countries in the development of policies, laws, design of fiscal regimes and strengthening national institutions as they seek to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Commonwealth Blue Charter is an agreement by Commonwealth countries to actively cooperate in addressing the myriad of ocean-related challenges and commitments that they face. In April 2018, the Commonwealth Blue Charter was adopted by member countries, to guide cooperative action on ocean issues. Commonwealth Blue Charter Action Groups are member-driven, led by Commonwealth Blue Charter ‘Champion’ countries.

The Commonwealth Secretariat, in partnership with the Stimson Center, will develop and pilot a coastal climate risk rapid assessment. Designed for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and coastal cities, this rapid assessment will be undertaken with close cooperation and guidance from the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Stimson Center − based on the methodology of the Climate and Ocean Risk Vulnerability Index (CORVI). The project will be coordinated through the Commonwealth Blue Charter programme. The consultant will work with the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Stimson Center and three In-Country Coordinators to provide research and analytical support, assist in interpreting the results, and assist in addressing questions from government officials. By the end of this project (31 March 2022), government representatives will better understand the information, options, and next steps that can be taken in order to make climate-smart decisions. The consultant should have expertise in evaluating climate risk and mitigation /adaptation options, and ideally have experience working in developing countries.

Expected Deliverables and Location

The consultant will provide research and analysis support, including assisting in report delivery to the In country Coordinators, Commonwealth Secretariat and the Stimson Center, throughout the process of completing the rapid assessments in the respective countries. (The rapid assessment surveys will be completed by 15 February 2022, followed by submission of three internal country reports 22 March).

Expected deliverables include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Assist in synthesising results from the initial stakeholder survey
  • Support in-country coordinators to review and provide feedback on the draft assessment indicators, advise on possible sources of relevant marine and climate information, and provide options should primary sources of information be unavailable;
  • Provide feedback on the rapid assessment process;
  • Provide an independent and detailed review of the draft assessment reports and results, including additional text, options and insights;
  • Participate in the virtual meeting / workshop to consider the results of the rapid assessments;
  • Assist in finalising the analytical reports of the 3 countries
  • Draft a brief internal report outlining activities, time spent, outcomes, and reflections on lessons learned.

The work may be conducted from any location. The appointed Contractor should provide their own computer equipment, computer applications and internet connection.

Duration and Timeframe

Final deliverables will be due by 22 March 2022. Suggested milestones are listed in the table below but can be revised after a timeline is agreed upon.

  • Draft timeline: 9 January 2022
  • Support in-country coordinators to review and provide feedback on the draft assessment indicators: 23 January 2022
  • Provide an independent and detailed review of the draft assessment reports and results: 7 March 2022
  • Final report: 22 March 2022

Project Management and Reporting

The project will be coordinated by the Commonwealth Blue Charter Section of the Trade, Ocean and Natural Resources Directorate of the Secretariat. The successful Contractor will be expected to work in close consultation with the Commonwealth Blue Charter Team.

Estimated Budget

The maximum budget payable under this contract is £5,000 (including VAT, and any other fees). Payment will be made upon satisfactory completion of work signed off by the Commonwealth Secretariat and within 30 days upon submission of the invoice.

Qualifications & Competencies

The preferred Contractor or consultancy firm should hold the profile below, which should be outlined in a concise cover letter and CV:

  • University degree required in a field relevant to this work; e.g. international development, political science, natural science, environmental management, climate change, environmental statistics, etc.
  • Demonstrable experience of more than 5 years working in or with government department(s) relevant to coastal planning and/or climate change – preferably a range of countries and experiences;
  • Demonstrated analytical, research, and writing skills;
  • Interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity;
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • A strong commitment to collaborative approaches.

Application Process

Please apply for this contract by submitting a CV and a concise cover letter (1-2 pages) to [email protected] by 17 December 2021.

The cover letter should include the candidate’s / team’s relevant expertise and experience
along with the bid amount. Bids must include all relevant fees and taxes, which in total cannot
exceed the maximum amount (£5,000).

Evaluation will be based on both competency and cost. Where submissions are similar in quality, preference will be given to Contractors that are Commonwealth citizens or entities registered in a Commonwealth country.