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Air Conditioner Replacement at the Embassy of Canada to Cuba (21-180632) (21-180632)
DescriptionThe Embassy of Canada to Cuba is a Crown Leased building located in Havana. It is currently cooled by a 30 tons outdoor Mitsubishi Split Air conditioning condensing unit. The unit consists of three (3) PUHY-P120THMU-A-BS and one (1) CMY-Y300VBK2 twinning kit. The current units have regularly failed, are reaching the end of their life expectancy and showing signs of deterioration. The purpose of this project includes the replacement of the current outdoor condensing units with new equivalent units and associated indoor/outdoor components as required. All replacement components shall be compatible with current R410A refrigerant. All work shall be performed in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and accepted commercial practices.


To replace the three (3) 10 tons outdoor Mitsubishi Split Air conditioning condensing units, for new equivalent condensers compatible with R410A refrigerant and that are seacoast model (BS).

Tasks / Technical Specification

Work shall be performed in accordance with the following:

1. In addition to condenser replacement, the contractor shall supply for mission inventory the following Mitsubishi indoor ceiling units (4-way cassette) as spare units:

a. PLFY-P12NCMU-E (quantity:1)

b. PLFY-P18NBMU-E (quantity: 2)

c. PLFY-P24NBMU-E (quantity: 1)

2. Provide engineering design for supporting bases & civil work including the demolition and building of the new bases;

3. Remove and dispose of three (3) existing condensers. Contractor is responsible for disposal condensers according to International Laws and be compliant with environmental concerns;

4. Supply, ship, and install a 30-ton condenser unit, seacoast models (BS), as well as R410A refrigerant rated which are compatible with the existing system. The model should be Mitsubishi Model Number PUHYP360TSNU-A-BS (with required twinning kit CMY-Y300CBK2 unit) or equivalent. The Contractor is responsible for providing the necessary equipment to recover and reuse the refrigerant gas, and all other components not available locally, to Cuba;

5. Install the condensers and all connections to manufacturer specifications;

6. Provide all services, including labour, for lifting condensers (lifting equipment to be designed and certified for the weight and capacity requirements), materials, supplies, supervision, tools, equipment, and transportation necessary to replace the three (3) existing condensers;

7. Supply and installation of voltage regulators;

8. Adapt and adjust piping for connection to the new unit (refrigerant and drain). Reinsulate refrigerant pipe complete with elastomeric thermal insolation and UV protection for the exterior;

9. Charge system reusing the R410A refrigerant and top up with new as required (ship sufficient from point of sale as needed);

10. Complete leak detection of entire HVAC system including indoor units;

11. Commission condenser and provide document in accordance with manufacturer’s Start‐up procedures and recorded, and return unit to normal operation to ensure complete system integration and functionality. All interior units’ operation must be confirmed. Sequencing between condensers has to be demonstrated;

12. Contractor will take full responsibility for damage and repair. Any civil & structural damage caused by the Contractor during this work are required to be rectified on site are part of the scope of this project;

13. Provide manufacture’s commercial warranty for installation services of compressors;

14. The Contractor shall manage the total work effort associated with the services provided to assure fully adequate and timely completion of these services. Contractor must keep the site clean, and coordinate the work with mission representative so as not to disrupt Canadian Embassy operations;

15. Provide trained and certified technicians with the expertise to assure the performance of the work in accordance with sound and efficient commercial business practices;

16. Contractor to have, and maintain, a business relationship with an affiliated Cuba company;

17. Work schedule: Hours of operation are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30 am to 2:00 pm on Friday. Contractor to coordinate the work with the Departmental Representative.

18. All new equipment shall meet the Canadian Codes/Standards as well as consideration to seacoast environmental conditions. Contractor responsible for all shipping from point of sale, applicable taxes, customs clearances, and delivery to site in good working condition.

19. Time is of the essence: Equipment are to be shipped upon reception from the distributor without any further delay.


In order for the proposal to be valid, it must be received no later than 14:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) on May 31, 2021 referred as the “Closing Date”.

Only electronic copies will be accepted and received at the following email address: [email protected]

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