Call for Tender – Standard Operating Procedure for Pilots 76 views

Call for Tender – Standard Operating Procedure for Pilots

Call for Tender

Fairtrade International Innovation – Establishing a Standard Operating Procedure for Pilots

13th of September 2021


The Standards and Pricing and Assurance Unit at Fairtrade International is leading a project to establish requirements and procedures for conducting pilot projects with the scope of the Standards, Pricing and Assurance.

Pilot projects provide opportunity for innovation and testing capabilities in a controlled environment while providing a strategy of risk mitigation. Pillar 5 of our Fairtrade International Theory of Change is the Launchpad for the future. To foster innovation, Fairtrade International wants to lead more pilot projects outside of the established standards and procedures. As a critical first step, scenarios for such pilots have to be defined and procedures established. So far, 4 pilot types have been identified:

  • 1.) Recognition & Equivalency: These are pilots testing the recognition of or the equivalency of certain requirements of other Certification Schemes to gain efficiencies for auditing the Fairtrade Standards.
  • 2.) Pilots within the scope of the Fairtrade Standards, Pricing, Certification and Licensing driven by Fairtrade Members: These are pilots that mainly follow the regular Fairtrade Scheme but with potential changes and deviations to the current standard requirements, certification or licensing rules. This type of pilots requires a careful assessment of risks and benefits, also how the FAIRTRADE Marks and claims are used. Market research has to be conducted and a business case developed prior to requesting approval of the pilot. Depending on the scope of the pilot, it has to be approved by the relevant body prior to launch.
  • 3.) Pilots beyond the scope of the Fairtrade Standards, Pricing, Certification and Licensing: These are pilots for testing standards, pricing, certification and licensing rules which does not fall in the existing scope of the Fairtrade Standards, Pricing, Certification and Licensing procedures and rules. These pilots would include new products/product categories, origins not included in the Fairtrade Geographical Scope for producer certification, and new pricing setting. This type of pilots might not include the use of the FAIRTRADE Marks and claims on product packaging and clear boundaries have to be set how the new products, prices, standards requirements feed into the set rules of certification.
  • 4.) Pilots for internal testing purposes by the Scheme owner: These are pilots which have the purpose to test a new standard requirement, or price in a specific supply chain. Careful assessment of the risks and benefits is needed, and clear description of scope (within or outside of current rules for certification).


This project shall identify requirements for the 4 types of pilots and the requirements specific for conducting these pilots (timelines, KPIs and evaluation), develop a Pilot Standard Operating Procedure (PSOP) and success criteria for evaluation to ensure alignment of proposals and facilitation of pilot project applications. The outcome should be an understandable document with a description of overall objectives of pilots, scope and cases they should apply, detailed procedures and requirements for application and indication of success criteria for evaluation of the pilots. Transition steps for implementation of successful pilots shall be evaluated as well as exit strategies for non-successful ones.


The consultant / consultancy company for this assignment should have the following expertise:

  • Proven experience and background knowledge with the work of Fairtrade International and pilots within the agricultural field;
  • Good knowledge of the structure and assessment of pilot projects and an ability to identify good practice;
  • Affinity with the context and challenges of pilot projects and standard operating procedures;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of any additional Fairtrade working language (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese) is a plus.

How to apply:

Interested parties can present their proposals by sending an e-mail to Eleonora Gutwein ([email protected]) indicating “Call for tender – Pilot Standard Operating Procedure” in the subject line. The proposal should include the following information:

  • Professional expertise: A brief description of the research team and the relevant expertise of the team members, focussing on the requirements presented in this document
  • Project plan: A description of the approach proposed for this project, specifying number of days spent and timelines
  • Budget breakdown: consultancy fees and all additional costs

Deadline to submit application: 27th September 2021.

Budget indication:

Maximum budget available is € 15,000, price to be proposed by applicants.


Interested parties can send their questions regarding this project to Eleonora Gutwein ([email protected]) The deadline for presenting questions is 27th of September 2021.

  • Interested parties can present their proposals by sending an e-mail.
  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice
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