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Communications Collaterals for Theory of Change


A theory of change describes the change that an organization wants to see in the world and the contributions that the organization makes. It provides the basis for the monitoring and evaluation indicators we use to measure the results of our work and our progress towards Fairtrade’s vision and strategy.

Based on a targeted user survey, several consultations and validation exercises across the Fairtrade system we have revised Fairtrade’s theory of change. Through this terms of reference,we want to commission various communication collaterals like detailed diagram of pathways, a simpler version of all pathways, a clickable web version and a video. Our previous theory of change and its related materials on our website.

Target audience

  • 1. Commercial partners
  • 2. Funding partners
  • 3. General audience who may visit our website and want a snapshot of our results
  • 4. Academics who would need our assumptions for evaluations

This is a call for tenders to support us with all or a few communication collaterals in line with our branding guidelines. Fairtrade is looking for a visualisation support tool to help usconvey and share the complexity and nuance of our Theory of Change (ToC) in a clear and digestible (i.e. easy to read) manner. Currently our options are at two ends of a spectrum. On one end,we have the full complexity with details and magnitude of our Theory of Changewith all assumptions and narratives. On the other hand, is a visual infographicthat we have already developed which simplifies outcomes by different actors that we influence in our impact journey.

To make it easy for users to navigate different possible pathways we would like to commission the clickable web version so that the different pathways for actors as well as the impact areas can be easy to understand as well as a static simple version of the pathways.

Key Insight (Message)

Theory of change articulates how our strategy and Fairtrade interventions will lead to change through influencing different actorsin order thatwe can have the desired impact that will contribute to our vision and SDGs.

Collaterals for deliverables and Timelines

Item 1 and 2 will be commissioned as a joint piece. Item 3 and 4 can be commissioned separately. Multiple entities can apply for this assignment and we will commission them separately or altogether depending on the expertise.

Item 1: Detailed Theory of Change map –Nov-Dec 2021:

  • a. Visual of map of pathways
  • b. eb-ready PDF version of the theory of change– 10 MB or less preferred; should have URL links embedded (if any)
  • c. Print-ready PDF version (can be after web-ready version)
  • d. Native files (e.g., InDesign) of the full report – at same time as print-ready version
  • e. A section on the narrative needs to be added to this document to explain each pathway along with causal assumptions, how the pathways contribute to each other and a glossary. It could be that the map visual is done first followed by the detailed narrative.

Item 2: Simple version of Theory of Change pathways-Nov 2021:

  • a. A zoomed out version of the above

Item 3: Clickable web version-To be discussed

  • a. For example:
  • b. Interventions to outcomes to impact pathways on different impact areas should be possible to
    filter through by clicking on it
  • c. Html based

Item 4: Video-December 2021/January 2022

  • a. Develop the script
  • b. Full video development

Design considerations

  • a. Deliverables must be designed according to Fairtrade brand guidelines, fonts and icons.
  • b. A photo selection will be provided by Fairtrade International (via a collection in our photo system, Virtual Vault), designer can select from these for the layout, unless FI provides guidance on photos that go with specific content.

Guidance for proposals:

  • a. The tendering period for this project is open from 4th October 2021-17th October 2021.
  • b. We hope to have interviews/demos with successful teams or agencies the week of October 18th and a contract signed with the successful team/agency by end October.
  • c. Please share with us your expertise and/or your organizational expertise in supporting us with all or any of them. We would prefer to have these pieces be worked on in parallel in order to meet the above timelines hence please factor that in the proposals.

Essential selection criteria for this tender include:

  • a. Fluent English. Ability to easily explain and discuss technical issues with non-technically minded audiences.
  • b. Demonstrated experience and success in creating design content
  • c. Understanding of needs of non-governmental organizations and sustainability minded private enterprises for visuals and communication related collaterals.
  • d. Previous experience of working with INGOs and/or Fairtrade or other sustainability standards

Highly Desirable selection criteria:

  • a. Demonstrated understanding of Fairtrade principles, key tools and approaches, the Fairtrade Theory of Change, standards and farmer support, and Fairtrade structures

Additional requirements for items 1 and 2 i.e. Detailed theory of change map with narrative as well as simplified map of pathways

  • a. Past experience in visualizing complex information in easy to understand visuals
  • b. Ability to extract key messages from complex content
  • c. Proof reading capacities

Additional requirements for item 3 i.e. Interactive web version

  • a. Demonstrated experience in creating interesting and eye-catching websites and/or data
    visualizations. Building online platforms forsmall to medium sized clients.
  • b. Necessary software IT skills to support this experience.
  • c. EU-based development team and/or agency.

Additional requirements for item 4 i.e. the video

  • a. Ability to summarize complex information in short and attractive visuals
  • b. Ability to create sticky messaging for the content script of the videos
  • c. Ability to create eye catchy and interesting visuals

Submission Details

If you are interested in being considered for this project, please send a short proposal not exceeding he
maximum of 10 pages, detailing:

  • (1) how you/your team/agency meets the selection criteria (including links to past relevant work and/or references from clients),
  • (2) describing the approach you would take to accomplish each collateral,
  • (3) a detailed project timeline (reflecting the timelines listed above),
  • (4) a budget (detailing, at a minimum) expected cost for each collateral, based on your bestestimates given listed requirements. We request you to share proposals from a low and a high end estimates for each of the above 4 collaterals as item 1 & item 2 as a combined assignment, item 3 separate and item 4 separate. Please factor in feedback rounds with our communication team.

For all costs, include a mandatory 19% VAT payable in Germany (as this is where Fairtrade International is headquartered).

Please note that all application materials will be shared with a selection committee, which will include representatives of members of the Fairtrade system located in multiple countries, perhaps including outside of the EU. Your submission of a proposal will be taken as de-facto consent to share your personal data with those on the selection committee.

The contact persons at Fairtrade for this project is Harveen Kour, MEL Manager at Fairtrade International (h.kour

All proposals should be before the deadline of 17th October1800 CET.

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