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Program Overview:

USAID Takamol has been dedicated to gender equity and women’s empowerment at policy, national, and community levels in Jordan since 2014. USAID Takamol partners with the Government of Jordan (GoJ) and civil society to support national efforts to incorporate gender considerations into policy-making in order to achieve equal rights and opportunities for men and women. With expertise and outreach from civil society partners, Takamol supports the GoJ to address gender priorities related to access to justice, political participation, inclusive education, and economic empowerment.

Takamol empowers Gender Focal Points, strengthens gender-mainstreaming within institutions, provides grants for civil society advocacy, and convenes a Community of Practice with the objective of enhancing gender equity. The program is funded by USAID and implemented by IREX, an international nonprofit organization that builds a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world.


USAID Takamol is collaborating with the GoJ partners to improve counseling services for the purposes of encouraging interest in vocational training and non-traditional career paths. USAID Takamol is seeking 1-2 consultants who will work to improve counseling services and the promotion of vocational training options in order to contribute to changing perceptions about vocational training as well as traditional gender-stereotypes related to suitable career paths.

The consultant(s) will develop customized counseling materials in coordination with USAID Takamol and the GoJ partner(s) and train GoJ staff on using the new materials. Examples of the customized materials may include a manual for counselors, promotional materials, tools for students, and other resources that mainstream a gender-sensitive approach to outreach, counseling, and guiding students on career paths. The counseling materials may be modifications or additions to existing resources or new content developed in collaboration with the GoJ partner.

Consultants may be assigned to work with one or both Government of Jordan partners, in collaboration with USAID Takamol. Specific scopes of work will be developed in collaboration with the selected consultant(s) depending on the needs of the Government partner.

Purpose: Work with USAID Takamol and Government of Jordan partner(s) to develop gender-sensitive vocational counseling tools and manuals.


In collaboration with USAID Takamol, the consultant(s) will

· Propose the structure and content of the vocational counseling materials. The counseling materials will include tools that respond to needs identified through the need assessments sessions that were conducted by USAID Takamol across Jordan. The consultant’s recommendation should be informed by the needs assessment, desk review, USAID Takamol’s previous work, existing materials, best international and national gender equality guidelines and the needs of the Government partner. The consultant may be involved ina needs assessment with relevant stakeholders to collect feedback to inform the vocational counseling material design. The consultant’s recommendations must include gender analysis for how to provide gender-sensitive counseling that is inclusive and combats traditional gender stereotypes and biases.

· Develop vocational counseling materials. The consultant will work closely with USAID Takamol and the Government of Jordan partner(s) on each step of developing the material, including its structure and content.

· Develop training materials and monitoring tools. The consultant will work closely with USAID Takamol and the Government of Jordan partner(s) to develop a training on the new counselling materials, as well as tools to monitor their implementation and assess their effectiveness.

· Test and receive feedback on vocational counseling materials. After the materials are drafted, the consultant will receive feedback with the target audiences and adapt further as appropriate.

· Finalize counseling and training materials.

· Deliver training to vocational counselors. The consultant will be part of training team to train group of vocational counselors on how to use the materials.

· Other responsibilities as needed to support the implementation of the new counseling materials.

Timeframe: The expected timeframe for this work is as soon as possible – February 2021, subject to adjustment based on schedules of the Government of Jordan partners.

Level of Effort: The estimate number of consulting days for this assignment is 25-50 days. The level of effort will be determined in negotiation with the selected consultant(s) and may be adjusted during implementation.

Desired Candidate:

· 5 years or more of experience related to educational and/or career counseling services, with a strong preference for experience in vocational counseling.

· Strong understanding of gender and social barriers related to vocational training and economic participation within Jordan. Knowledge of gender concepts and gender mainstreaming considerations for vocational education.

· Understanding of orientation techniques used by vocational education counselors, and understanding of gender considerations within counseling processes

· Strong knowledge of vocational education stakeholders in Jordan

· Experience developing trainings, manuals, interactive resources, and promotional materials is strongly preferred, as well as experience delivering trainings related to gender mainstreaming.

· Fluency in Arabic required, with excellent oral and written skills. Strong English skills preferred.

How to Apply:

  • Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Applications should be submitted by email to [email protected] with the subject

“Gender-Sensitive Vocational Counseling” by 15 October 2020.

· Cover Letter/Letter of Interest describing relevant experience and evaluation approach based on the information provided.

· CV

Applicants are encouraged to submit products developed under similar projects, such as manuals or training guides.

  • To help us track our recruitment effort, please indicate in your e-mail & cover letter where ( you saw this job posting.
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