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Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Consultancy; Online and In-Person Workshops and Conference Facilitation and a Summary Report (DRC HQ)

Opportunity Background:

DEMAC, the “Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination” initiative, is one of the Civil Society Engagement Unit’s projects. DEMAC initiative is aiming at enhancing diaspora emergency response capacity and coordination with the formal humanitarian system. The objective is to contribute to transforming the humanitarian landscape by laying the ground for a deeper understanding of diasporas as humanitarian actors with different modus operandi for the implementation of aid in practice, identifying and opening potential spaces for engagement, cross-fertilization and increased coordination between diaspora and institutional relief providers.

The current phase of the DEMAC initiative will further consolidate DEMAC as a permanent platform – a one-stop shop – for enhancing mutual knowledge and coordination between diaspora humanitarian actors and the international humanitarian system. An important part of this current phase is a series of case studies capturing the impact, outreach and organization of diaspora emergency responses in five selected countries – three focus countries and two real time reviews of ongoing diaspora responses. Over the next two years DEMAC will use information gained from these case studies to develop operational framework and tools as well as guidelines and resources in support of diaspora emergency engagement and organize workshops and conferences to share the project findings.

To continuously guide and support DEMAC and validate its approaches, DEMAC works with a Strategic Advisory Board and a Technical Reference Group. The Advisory Board consists of a permanent group of representatives from diaspora organizations and from the institutional humanitarian system. The Advisory Board’s purpose is to form the link between concrete findings at the operational level and the policy processes within the humanitarian system.

DEMAC is financed by USAID from July 2020 until July 2022. To read more, please visit

Opportunity Structure:


In order to consolidate the findings from three case studies and two real-time reviews, and provide a basis for international discussions on the role of diaspora and how the international community can engage, coordinate and plan from emergency action, DEMAC will organize number of workshops and conferences. Originally, all the activities and meetings were planned to take place in person. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, some of these events will be organized virtually. For this reason, DEMAC is seeking to enter into a purchase agreement with a freelance consultant or a company to facilitate the various online and in-person discussions with innovative and creative digital solutions. The consultancy services will be needed for the following events:

  • Three inter-diaspora workshops– the purpose is to present the findings from the case studies to the concerned diaspora, validate and reflect on them. The consultant should support the participants to highlight the potential gaps in emergency response efforts and formulate recommendations and solutions to challenges that organizations working in the same locations have faced in their attempts to deliver humanitarian support. Location: Online
  • Three national workshops in Ukraine, Pakistan and Somalia – the purpose is to present and discuss the findings from the case studies and three inter-diaspora workshops to humanitarian country team and the most relevant clusters as defined during the case studies. The consultant should facilitate the workshops and support the participants to discuss ways of coordination between diaspora emergency response and humanitarian system, channels for obtaining information about effects of diaspora engagement and possible solutions for factoring in the diaspora response in planning of humanitarian response. Location: TBD
  • Two peer-to-peer learning workshops – the purpose is to facilitate peer-based learning and experience sharing between diaspora organizations of focus countries that have acquired advanced technical competencies and knowledge during their relief work. The consultant should provide support to diaspora individuals participating in the workshop who are willing to share knowledge, skills and experience with each other. Location: TBD
  • Three international events – the purpose is to hold an international stakeholder event or conference with participation from diasporas, institutional humanitarian actors, relevant researchers and specialists to present and discuss main findings, conclusions and recommendation on diaspora engagement in humanitarian responses. The consultant will facilitate the discussion on number of topics, such as how can diaspora engagement be further reflected and integrated in the humanitarian system and what could make it attractive for diaspora actors to engage with humanitarian system. Location: TBD

Additionally, advisory group meetings are held every 4 months. The consultant will engage in the meetings to facilitate the discussion on project findings and different ways to provide concrete feedback and recommendations as to how the institutional humanitarian system can further relate to, engage and coordinate with diaspora humanitarian actors. Location: Online/TBD

All the activities and meetings are held in English. The approximate number of participants for each workshop is 20 and for an international conference – up to 100. The workshops are planned to last two half-days.

If and when traveling is possible, DRC will reimburse the costs related to traveling, such as accommodation, per diem, flight tickets, based on actual expenses.

The tentative distribution between online and in-person events is presented below. Please note that these are only estimates and will vary according to traveling rules and regulations under Covid-19. Exact type, location and duration of each event will be communicated in advance to ensure enough time is allocated for preparation and planning.


The purchase agreement for online workshop facilitator is expected to run from 15 March 2021 through 15 July 2022, with the possibility of a 6-month extension


  • Documented relevant experience in facilitating meetings virtually
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently coordinate online meetings by using innovative and creative solutions, methods and tools
  • Previous experience and familiarity with Humanitarian NGOs and/or UN agencies
  • Previous experience and familiarity with the work of diaspora organizations will be an asset
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Good time management skills
  • Sensitivity to a diversity of religious, racial, cultural and national backgrounds
  • Flexibility and timeliness in providing the services upon request

Competitive Scope:

RFQ closure date and time: 04 March 2021, 23:59, local Copenhagen time

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