Consultancy Services for Preparation of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Environmental and Social Mitigation Framework 297 views

Consultancy for the preparation of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environmental and Social Mitigation Framework (ESMF) for the Lobeke (Cameroon) and Dzanga Sangha (Central African Republic) Landscapes


The consultant will be asked to focus on two landscapes (hereafter collectively referred to as the “project”) that – although covering two separate countries – are geographically adjacent. The two landscapes are Lobéké (Cameroon) and Dzanga Sangha (Central African Republic). The consultancy will look at the two landscapes separately and tasks 2-5 listed in the remainder of the ToR will be done separately for the two sites. The Consultant shall thus develop two Environmental and Social Management Frameworks (ESMF), one for each of the two landscapes, where WWF has been operating for several years – and still is.


Overall, the landscape interventions are expected to yield positive environmental and social benefits. However, the implementation of some landscape activities may result in adverse impacts on the environment and the communities. A special focus should also lie on transborder activities across different countries within the Sangha Tri-National complex (TNS) landscape and their impacts. In order to align the interventions within the landscape with the WWF Social and Environmental Safeguards Framework (ESSF) and ensure that any negative environmental and social risks and related impacts potentially stemming from the Project are minimized and mitigated as much as feasible, while striving to enhance benefits for local communities and the environment, the objective of the Assignment is the preparation of both an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) for each landscape. It is expected that the assignment will be focused on reviewing all WWF interventions and activities and not specific projects within the landscape.


The ToR aims to outline the tasks in as much detail as possible. Nevertheless, the Consultant shall critically verify the scope of services indicated and may extend, reduce or amend those services wherever such is deemed necessary according to his/her own professional judgement and knowledge. Any suggested amendments to the ToR should be clearly documented within the Consultant’s submission, including accompanying justification for the proposed amendments, and must be approved by the contracting party at WWF.

It is anticipated that the Assignment will be undertaken through the following tasks conducted separately in the two landscapes:

  • Task 1: Review of available documents and virtual kick-off meeting.
  • Task 2: Development of the stakeholder analysis and stakeholder engagement plan
  • Task 3: Field visit(s) and engagement with stakeholders.
  • Task 4: Development of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • Task 5: Development of the Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF)


Task 1 will be desk based and result in the following outcomes:

  • Brief inception report (1) identifying and detailing gaps resulting from the review of the available documents (including the screening tool, project categorization information, previous impact assessments and mitigation measures already being adopted) and (2) specifying a) any gaps to mitigate environmental and social risks, identified in the screening tool or uncovered through this document analysis, that need to be addressed and b) any additional assessments required to develop the ESMF;
  • Detailed work plan with accompanying budget;
  • Preparation, participation and documentation of a virtual kick-off meeting, including any changes to the work outlined in these ToR.

Task 2 and 3 will result in the following outcomes:

  • Draft stakeholder analysis and list of stakeholders to be met and consulted during site visit (including checklists, questionnaires/interview guides/guiding questions for assessing potential risks and impacts and identifying preliminary mitigation measures)
  • Final stakeholder analysis and engagement plan for each landscape
  • Summary report of stakeholder engagement activities and how their views influenced the ESIA and ESMF (included as an annex to the ESMF)

Task 4 will result in the following outcomes:

  • Draft and final ESIA for each landscape with annexes in both French and English (including a non-technical summary)

Task 5 will result in the following outcomes:

  • Draft and final ESMF for each landscape with annexes in both French and English
    (including a non-technical summary)


The project team proposed by the Consultant or firm and their qualifications have to reflect the scope of services and show excellent technical and professional qualifications. The Consultant shall provide a description of tasks to be performed by each team member as well as details on the selection and experience of the proposed members with regard to their tasks. WWF anticipates that proposed team members will include local experts partners who are Cameroon and CAR nationals with (1) sound expertise of the country legal context and (2), personal knowledge of the Lobéké and Dzanga-Sangha landscapes and the communities that reside within it. The Consultant shall provide updated curricula vitae (CV) of the proposed international and local / regional staff. Key staff should have adequate education, professional experience, language skills and experience in the region. Please note that key staff presented in the Consultant’s proposal may not be replaced without the prior approval of WWF.


The Consultant shall estimate the human and other resources that will be required to complete Tasks 1-4. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the budget estimate for Tasks 1-2 can be assessed and submitted as a distinct sub-budget (for desk-based work). The financial offer(s) shall include all costs for elaboration of works, as described above, including travel costs.


On the basis of these ToRs, the Consultant should prepare a proposal that covers:

  1. Proposed tasks and outputs (methodology);
  2. Team composition, including summary of expertise and experience
  3. Tentative work schedule (activities and milestones);
  4. Estimated level of effort;
  5. Estimated travel cost estimate (Flights + per diem).
  6. The availability to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The proposal will have to be submitted by 18.00 CEST, Wednesday September 16th to:

Paolo Revellino

Senior Advisor, Environmental & Social Safeguards

WWF International

M +41 79 537 8361

[email protected]

Eric Parfait Essomba

Regional Head, E&S Safeguards, Central and West Africa

WWF International

Tel: +242065162864

[email protected]

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