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RFP: Gavi Dose Sharing Mechanism
Gavi ProjectThe COVAX Facility (“COVAX”) provides a global solution to the equitable distribution of vaccines to the 190 participating countries and economies. The COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC) is an innovative financing instrument that supports the participation of the 92 low and lower-middle income economies in COVAX. Guided by the WHO fair allocation framework, COVAX will equitably distribute doses to help protect the most at-risk groups. Gavi is working with Alliance partners UNICEF and WHO to ensure that the infrastructure is in place, and the technical support available, for COVID-19 vaccines to be safely delivered to all those who need them.

The COVAX AMC requires an urgent investment of an additional US$ 2 billion in direct contributions in 2021 to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. Upfront funds are needed to secure vaccine deals with manufacturers. To compliment and in addition to direct contributions, donations and sharing of doses from those with excess supply are important to further accelerate the rollout of vaccines. Given the global demand for vaccines and the limited supply in the near term, coupled with bilateral agreements in place which may result in excess doses, there is an important opportunity to share doses through COVAX to ensure their equitable distribution. For the donating country, COVAX provides a comprehensive framework and structure that can be leveraged in order to navigate complex regulatory processes, providing efficiency as well as equity.

Scope of WorkThe Office of the COVAX Facility and the Resource Mobilisation, Private Sector Partnerships, and Innovative Finance (RMPSPIF) teams are seeking a consultant team to support the development, execution, and communication of a dose-sharing approach, through which countries with excess doses can redistribute those doses equitably to other countries via the COVAX Facility. This is a request for support to both the RMPSPIF and Office of the COVAX Facility teams. The consultant team will work closely with a cross-departmental COVAX dose-sharing core team and build on the foundation that team has put in place over the past few months.

The consultant’s work will entail finalising the relevant frameworks needed to operationalise a dose-sharing mechanism; supporting the design of a workable mechanism and structure. This will include supporting discussions with sharing countries, manufacturers, and COVAX; developing communications strategies and materials to secure broad international endorsement of the dose-sharing approach; and providing seamless process management and coordination support across various internal teams (e.g. RMPSPIF, legal, finance), governance bodies (e.g. Gavi Board, COVAX governance bodies), and external stakeholders (e.g. COVAX partners, sharing countries, recipient countries, civil society organisations).

Factors critical to the success of this engagement will include:

  • The establishment of a seamless process and cadence for engaging the various stakeholder groups involved in dose-sharing (e.g. internal COVAX teams, leadership, governance bodies, sharing countries, manufacturers, partners, recipient countries, and others)
  • A strong external engagement/communications strategy and plan for securing endorsement and participation in the dose-sharing process
  • Flexibility to adapt to the fast-moving political and organisational context and changing needs

DeliverablesThe following deliverables shall be produced through the completing these tasks:

  • Finalised document on dose-sharing scope and internal process (building on existing work of the Facility)
  • Finalised operational supplemental document (building on existing work of the Facility)
  • Support for dose-sharing agreements (at least 1 in Q1, 2-4 in Q2 2021, pending sharing country interest)
  • Facilitation of key meetings with internal stakeholders, partners, governments, civil society, and other critical stakeholders on dose-sharing
  • Communication documents on dose sharing (e.g. pitch deck, 2 pager, text for public announcements and speaking engagements, text for relevant COVAX governance documents)

Proposal SubmissionBidders must submit a copy of their Proposal to Gavi by email to: [email protected]

The subject heading of the email shall be “011-2021-GAVI-RFP– Technical Proposal – [Bidder Name]” and “011-2021- – Financial Proposal – [Bidder Name]”. Bidders may submit multiple emails (suitably annotated – e.g. Email 1 of 3) if the attached files are too large to suit a single email transmission.

Please ensure that the different Proposal elements are returned in either MS Office Format or PDF.

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice
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