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Design of an Interactive Procurement e-Learning Pack in SCORM for the Commonwealth Secretariat

Opportunity Background

The Secretariat is an International Organisation (HQ based in London) and is governed by its own internal public procurement rules, which are audited on a regular basis to ensure equivalence to world class standards. The Secretariat is not required to adhere to UK/EU public procurement legislation but it must respect its own internal procedures which are based on international law. The Secretariat advertises tender requirements on its website ( and manages the procurement process through a dedicated procurement email inbox ([email protected])

The Secretariat’s procurement team has been established for several years. Over time, the team has grown to four roles. This small central team of CIPS1 qualified procurement professionals manage the sourcing of strategic contracts of the Secretariat as well as monitoring low-cost contracts across the organisation which were sourced by divisional staff. There are in total approximately 250+ staff engaged by the Secretariat, of whom many may be required (at some stage of their career) to call-off small value purchases against established organisational framework agreements or to manage contracts. Staff need to be trained in procurement as a corporate policy and to enable them to call off contracts when/if necessary.

Opportunity structure

Scope of the Requirement

The Commonwealth Secretariat underwent recently an independent review of its procurement function and is now in the process of implementing a number of recommendations from this review. The key recommendation relevant for this procurement exercise is:

Training, across the Secretariat, supporting the roll out of the new procurement compliance system

The Secretariat’s Procurement Team, as procurement subject matter experts, have developed procurement content as a basis for up to three e-learning modules. The material consists of .ppt slides about procurement policies and practices in the Secretariat along with some quiz questions to test knowledge of users about the training material.

Parts (core) of the final e-learning training pack will be mandatory for all of Secretariat’s (250+) staff and other parts (thematic sections) will be voluntary.

The Procurement team now requires the following support:

  1. to turn the static (.ppt) training slides into an animated virtual training programme that is engaging and interactive.
  2. to develop the final product in SCORM format (ICT requirement) for deployment to the Secretariat’s internally hosted MOODLE installation.

The final product will be published on the MOODLE e-learning platform and will form part of the Secretariat’s ‘Commonwealth Essentials’ mandatory corporate training.


We are now seeking a supplier to provide these instructional design services to develop an e-learning procurement training pack:

  • To work with the procurement team in developing robust and interactive course which users find easy to navigate and consume.
  • Course shall comply to the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
  • The course shall be developed in accordance with the following specifications:
    • Our .ppt subject matter content should be further developed such that it:
      • Identifies the purpose of the course
      • Frames Instructional objectives
      • Aligns content with objectives
      • Offers strategies to facilitate learning
      • Provides practice with feedback
      • Includes engaging interactivities
      • Assesses learning
  • Images and Videos used for the course should be optimised for display on mobile devices in low bandwidth environments
  • Presentation of the content shall comply with the Secretariat’s branding guidelines

The successful supplier will be expected to draw upon existing materials from the Commonwealth Secretariat as well as the expertise that the supplier brings to the assignment. If other external materials are required, these will need to be discussed with the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Expected Deliverables and Location

The modules are required to be developed virtually whereby participants are able to work at their own pace using the materials and exercises provided by the Procurement Team, alongside other materials as appropriate.

The steps and expected outputs include (to be developed further following inception meeting):

  1. Inception meeting to introduce one another and familiarise the Supplier with the project;
  2. Discussion with Secretariat of lessons learnt and how to approach the self-paced materials;
  3. First draft outline of the online training course and materials;
  4. Revised outline of modules and materials (based on the Secretariat material) for self-paced learning, including a rough storyboard for any videos, and scripts for any voice-overs / instructions.
  5. First cut self-paced learning videos, revised workbook and other instructional aids as required;
  6. Final self-paced training module packages handed over for use by the Secretariat (and project partners);
  7. A brief final report summarising tasks completed as well as any issues that arose during the contract that you may wish to formally report.
  8. Please note that all procurement trainings have pre- during and/or post-course questionnaires (examples will be supplied by the Secretariat), which should be included as part of the course materials.

Competitive scope

Qualifications & Competencies

The preferred supplier should hold the profile below:

  • Demonstrated experience in the delivery of self-paced learning modules and ability to develop training in SCORM format.
  • Procurement experience is advantageous.

Evaluation of proposals will take into account costs as well as relevant experience and expertise.

DEADLINE: 01 June 2021


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