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RFQ – FY21 077 Development of Equality tech prototypes

RFQ launch date – 27th April 2021
Contract Manager – Nora Lindström
Deadline for submission of offers – 12th May 2020 23:59 (BST)
Submission of offers to – [email protected]


Plan International is working in a new advocacy area called Equality Tech. With Equality Tech Plan International aims to raise awareness of the consequences of bias in technology and the opportunities of harnessing the power of technology to advance equality. Equality Tech is defined as technology that in itself advances equality, by challenging harmful norms and stereotypes and nudging its users towards more inclusive behaviours. Plan International has developed one Equality tech product, Sheboard, a predictive text app that encourages its users to use more diverse language in the context of girls and women. The Sheboard experience showcased the power of Equality Tech products as advocacy tools to raise awareness of the consequences of bias in technology and the opportunities of harnessing the power of technology to advance equality, as well as influence tech sector actors.

We are now looking to develop additional Equality Tech products for our Equality Tech portfolio. To that end, we have been running workshops with young people to come up with ideas for what those products could be. A recurring idea developed by the young people in the workshops, relates to addressing the negative impacts of the ubiquitous use of beauty filters on social media. The purpose of this assignment is to develop an Equality Tech prototype that address this issue.


The following lays out the objectives of the assignment:

  • Develop an Equality Tech working prototype that addresses the negative impacts of deforming and distorting “beauty” filters on social media



  • One ideation session with key stakeholders
  • 2-3 proof of protype concepts incl. product blueprints, initial viability assessments and market research (is the idea new/unique?)
  • One Equality Tech working prototype
  • Prototype testing analysis
  • Detailed offering and roadmap for next steps


  • Kick-off workshop with key stakeholders from Plan International
  • Ideation workshop with key stakeholders
  • Market research and analysis to determine (in collaboration with Plan International) which Equality Tech ideas to take forward
  • Develop 2-3 prototype concepts
  • Draft product blueprints
  • Viability assessment
  • Iterative co-creation of one working prototypes
  • User acceptance and functionality testing
  • Outline offering and roadmap for next steps
  • It is expected that tenderers will bring their own approach to the process to meet the ultimate needs. This should be set out in the work plan

Project Lead

The agency is expected to work closely throughout the process with the Project Lead (see below) and other Plan International staff where relevant.

Project timeline

The work is expected to take around 30 working days and should be completed, at the latest, by June 25 2021.

Submission of offers

The offer must be sent via email to [email protected]

Offers must be received before the deadline specified in the “Request for Quotations”

Pricing for services should state whether they are fixed or non-fixed.


The onus is on the invited companies to ensure that its offer is complete and meets Plan International’s requirements. Failure to comply may lead to the offer being rejected. Please therefore ensure that you read this document carefully and answer fully all questions asked.

If you have any queries in relation to your submission, or to any requirements of this tender, please email: [email protected]

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