East Africa Youth Inclusion Program Post-COVID Assessment 81 views


General Information

This TOR is being issued to solicit applications from potential Contractors to undertake an
assessment the East Africa Youth Inclusion Program (EAYIP) and, using a “post-COIVD” lens, provide
recommendations for strategy and programming adjustments that are needed in order to achieve
the intended outcome of sustainable and dignified youth employment.

The TOR contains background information on Heifer Project International, the EAYIP project background, the desired methodology, main purpose, objectives, the timeframe for conducting the assessment, and a list of deliverables. This document also contains information about the expertise required to execute the assessment and guidance on how to submit a proposal for review. Heifer Project International anticipates awarding a fixed price agreement for this study with payments based on the submission and approval of deliverables. The Contractor agreement will include a fixed price payment schedule with specific deliverables.

Study Methodology:

a) A draft methodology should be submitted, reviewed, feedback incorporated, and guidance provided by Heifer before being finalized. This should indicate the study design, sample size determination, data collection methods and tools, quality control plan, data analysis plan and adherence to COVID-19 SoPs.
b) The study will comply with general research norms and standards and follow ethical considerations as specified by Heifer.
c) Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment are cross-cutting issues. The study should include protocols that ensure it is gender-sensitive and gender-responsive. All the data collected should also be disaggregated by gender, and age where appropriate, and presented accordingly to the possible extent.
d) The Contractor will elaborate the detailed methodology, a final of which shall be shared in the inception report as a first deliverable taking into consideration the following:
• Desk-top research (review of existing literature and project documents)
• Study design, sample size determination, data collection methods and tools, quality control plan, adherence to COVID-19 SoPs.
• Construct appropriate methods to assess the project in the above-mentioned regions.
• Disaggregation by gender and geography
• All the submitted data should be maintained in raw/original form as well as in processed form that would be used for further analysis

Required Expertise

Heifer is looking for an individual Contractor or a firm with substantial experience in conducting credible research in Uganda. More specifically, the lead Contractor should have proven track record in conducting impact research studies on livelihood projects/programs, with knowledge and experience in agri-value chain development and enterprise development. The Contractor should also have a business background with expertise in gender analysis and with excellent analytical and report writing skills.

Required expertise, skills and knowledge are as follows:
− Minimum 7 years work experience in conducting sound and credible impact research studies for similar organizations.
− Evidence of success in completing similar or related studies in terms of size, design and rigor.
− Proven expertise, knowledge and skills in value chain analysis.
− Strong qualitative and quantitative research and analytical skills;
− Proven record of excellent management, leadership, decision-making and interpersonal skills;
− Proven stroTechnical Proposal (not to exceed 10 pages)

Technical Proposal (not to exceed 10 pages)

a) General information (not to exceed 2 pages):
− Organization/individual overview
− Capacity statement
− Website
b) Technical Approach (not to exceed 8 pages):
− A detailed methodology on how the study will be conducted, including a qualitative and quantitative data collection approaches, sampling strategy, sample size, data collection methods and systems/technology to use, field procedures, quality control practices and data analysis
− List and briefly describe the team and its proposed personnel, indicating what role each proposed individual will have. (Curriculum vitae (CV) of the key team members to be provided in an attachment)
− A clear and comprehensive work plan (draft), outlining the major activities, responsible and time schedule
− Organizational/individual capacity statement, including past experiences and activities related to the theme of the study. Reference information must include the location, award numbers, and brief description of work performed.
− At least three references of other clients for which similar or related studies were undertaken with contact information for each one.
− Attach sample(s) of recently completed work related to the said assignment.
− Indicate details of the principal researcher.

Financial Proposal (in USHS)
− Well detailed itemized budget;
− Narrative explanations of line items (budget notes);

Interested firms/individuals legally eligible to undertake the assessment in Uganda are requested to submit a proposal. Please include the name of the person in your organization who will be involved in negotiating the contract as well as your telephone and email contact information.


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