EOI (Expression of Interest) – Colombia COVID-19 Distance Learning Radio Episodes Content 52 views

EOI (Expression of Interest) – Colombia COVID-19 Distance Learning Radio Episodes Content

The Purpose of this Request for Information (RFI):

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many across the world in need of lifesaving and life-sustaining support. Beyond this immediate need for aid, millions of children are out of school and at home. School closures compound and deepen educational inequities, with high-resource communities and families more able to fill the learning gap with—for example—access to remote learning options like internet-based activities.

In this response, we propose creating audio content beginning with Spanish and eventually in French, English and Arabic, initially reaching children in Colombia and eventually in Tanzania, Uganda and Lebanon. This content will provide distance-learning opportunities via radio with a focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) to children in venerable situations.

IRC Educational Programming Overview:

This audio-based education will consist of approximately 20 modular interactive audio episodes for caregivers and children for distance-based learning. These episodes will center on play-based SEL content that can be relevant across ages, but targets children ages 3 -12 years old in two groupings (3-6 and 7-12). They will take on the format of interactive, modular, audio episodes, with a focus on meeting SEL objectives and other educational sub-outcomes set out by the IRC and an educational advisory group. Each episode should have the ability to be broken down into shorter chunks that can be shared via social media or messaging.

The episodes will be developed in accordance with the SEL model and will include best practices and strategies to address SEL. Examples of topics the episodes will address include: how to engage children, creative ways to stimulate interest in different activities and how to catalyze young children’s authentic interest in play-based learning. The audio episodes will serve as a standalone information set to implement SEL-based learning at home (and in the classroom post COVID-19), but will also coordinate with the parent and teacher short-form messages to encourage uptake and promote play. These will compliment, not duplicate, the work of each country’s Ministry of Education. The vendor will also be expected to work closely with IRC to test the audio materials with audience members and educational experts and make adjustments to the materials based on the feedback.

Requirements for this Project:

This is a multi-level project. Please indicate which one or more of the following project elements your team will be able to supply for Colombia

  1. Build requirements and project plan
    1. Provide the IRC the required technical support in conducting a series of internal and external consultations to determine specific requirements of each audio episode.
      1. Develop a project plan that either validates or edits the anticipated timeline and work plan within this document. This will be required in advance of the project startup. This would also include the requirements of each episode and a timeline for execution.
        1. Number of Audio Episodes
        2. Characters
        3. Scenarios/Themes of Each Episode
        4. Distribution and Resources for Teachers
  1. Brand and character creation
    1. Create a brand bible that includes assets such as character descriptions including their characteristics and motivation, how they interact with other characters, visualizations, and common scenarios aligned with specific education outcomes, etc. Brand bible should be based on consultations with educational and creative experts in the country agreed upon with the IRC, and include an overview of the insights from those conversations.
  1. Script writing; content creation
    • Co-write scripts with the IRC based on provided frameworks for audio episodes centered on play-based SEL. It is anticipated that we will deliver three episodes per week at 30 minutes each.
      • The episode creation will be supported by general guidelines provided by the IRC.
      • The characters must align with the content and based on role models for the target age group.
      • Ensure gender-balanced approach in developing the audio episode.
      • Each episode should have the ability to be broken down into shorter segments.
  1. Production
    • Produce each of the 20 audio episodes for radio and/or other audio medium per predetermination due to the local context.
      • Ensure the sound quality according to radio broadcasting standards; to be provided to the IRC in advance.
      • Vendor(s) responsible for all logistics and other arrangements needed to develop and record the radio stories.
  1. Broadcast
    • Broadcast the episodes or have partnerships with local radio stations for distribution in Colombia [but please indicate if you also have the same distribution capabilities in Lebanon, Tanzania, and/or Uganda]
    • Must be able to provide estimated reach of their radio programming
  1. Segmenting and digital distribution (non-radio)
    • Ability to cut episodes into shorter segments and formatted for easy, light-weight distribution
    • Outline the capabilities and recommendations for digital distribution in country
      • Preferred, but not required: Indicate if you can distribute via IVR
      • Preferred, but not required: Indicate if you can distribute via WhatsApp
      • Preferred, but not required: Indicate if you can distribute via SMS
      • Preferred, but not required: Indicate if you can distribute via other platforms such as YouTube, social mediums, etc.; please indicate which platforms
  1. Audience testing
    • Ability to co-create audio testing plan with the IRC; evidence of previous audio testing experience in region; preferred: with target demographic of children 3-12 and caregivers
    • Prototype characters, stories and different assets with the target demographic


  1. Company profile detailing your Company Name, Contact details, address, staffing structure, organizational experience in the last 5 years etc.
  2. Contact details for clients who have engaged with you previously and requirements including company names locations and contact details, preferably INGOs/ UN Agencies.
  3. The Supplier should provide a cover letter providing information on the solution to be provided and the elements (1-7 above) that can be completed by the Supplier.
  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where (ngoteenders.net) you saw this tender/procurement notice.


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