Establishment of a Long Term Agreement for the Provision of Storage Space, Bonded and Non-bonded Warehouse Services and Transportation Services in Mersin, Turkey 86 views

Establishment of a Long Term Agreement for the provision of storage space, bonded and non-bonded warehouse services and transportation services in Mersin, Turkey

Establishment of a Long Term Agreement for the provision of storage space, bonded and non-bonded warehouse services and transportation services in Mersin, Turkey

Reference: UNFPA/ TUR/RFP/21/001
Beneficiary country(ies): Turkey
Published on: 11-Feb-2021
Deadline on:15-Mar-2021 17:00 (GMT 3.00) Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburg

Opportunity Background

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an international development agency, is seeking qualified Bids for the provision of storage space, bonded and non-bonded warehouse services and transportation services in Mersin,Turkey.

Opportunity Structure

Scope of Services

1. Warehouse Services

Warehouse service will be paid per square meter (sqm) occupied.

UNFPA Turkey CO will prefer a dedicated storage space that is equipped with shelf-system; however, if the warehouse is utilized for multiple clients, the UNFPA owned cargo should be consolidated in one area and segregated from other clients’ cargo.

Contractor warehouse manager:

  • a. Update and track all related files and shipping documents, ensure proper filing routines (Waybill, Goods Receiving Note, Purchase Order, SRF and stock cards).
  • b. Ensure that inventory records (Bin/Stack & Stock Cards) match physical inventory.
  • c. Control storage conditions, as well as movement and receipt/issue of goods.
  • d. Producing stock reports in excel format (detailing in/out movements and balances) every time there are movements of stock and/or minimum per week.
  • e. Perform the Quarterly Physical Inventory in collaboration with the UNFPA Logistics focal point.
  • f. Ensure cleanliness of the building and premises, and guarantee that pest control is in place and effective.

Services required form the contractor for Non-Bonded (Regular) and Bonded Warehouses:

  • a. A focal point will be designated and made vacant for all relevant operations when occurred, and should be available on call 7/24 during emergency called by UNFPA.
  • b. Receiving of goods from local and international suppliers.
  • c. De-stuffing of shipping containers and off-loading of trucks with/without forklift assistance, accompanied by the necessary amount of personnel.
  • d. Physical inspection/ quality control of incoming goods certified by a Goods Receiving Note properly signed and stamp.
  • e. Put away and storage of goods with/without forklift assistance in line with international best practices and UNFPA Inventory procedures.
  • f. Storage of goods in an organized and an accessible manner with updated bin cards specifying stock quantities by Purchase Order. This shall include palletization and/or de-palletization if required.
  • g. Labeling, repacking/ prepacking, consolidation of goods.
  • h. Loading of goods for outbound consignments with/without forklift assistance.
  • i. Daily reporting on warehouse activities including inbound, outbound and on hand stock balance to the UNFPA Logistics focal point/ contract manager.
  • j. For receipt of loose cargo, additional cost for loading and off-loading shall be charged, due k. In case of emergency, workers might be required to carry their duties outside normal working hours.
  • l. Provision of cleaning (minimum on weekly basis), security and utility services (electricity, internet, office space, computer, printer and scanner access). Especially, the security services shall cover 7/24 CCTV system observation and guard. The Fire Fighting System shall be available in Warehouse.
  • m. Store at room temperature: goods shall be stored in dry, clean and well-ventilated areas at temperatures between +15°C and + 25°C that is available.
  • n. Keep cool goods shall be stored at temperatures between +2°and +8°C
  • o. All UNFPA assets shall be fully insured
  • p. Walls, floors, roof must be in good condition.
  • q. The deck system should be available for loading and off-loading.
  • r. Repacking, break, build and reconstitution of consignments as required.
  • s. Apply regular pest control measures.
  • t. Assistance of UNFPA staff in quarterly stock counting/ physical inventory verification.
  • u. The Contractor shall coordinate and Liaise with Government Officials on all matters related to and in line with Customs Bonded warehousing.

2. Land Transportation Services

  • a. The contractor shall provide suitable commercial vehicles to transport cargo from bonded or non-bonded warehouse in Mersin to Turkey Border points or other destinations in Turkey decided by UNFPA CO. Transportation service fee is calculated as the distance covered from Mersin to destination by vehicle that to be multiplied with per km price.
  • b. The contractor shall provide bonded or regular semi-trailer truck, single trucks, lorry and minivan as bonded & regular upon request of UNFPA CO. UNFPA CO shall inform the contractor of its transportation needs 48 hours in advance except in the event of a declared emergency where the supplier shall be notified 12 hours in advance.
  • c. The contractor is able to provide reefer vehicles to transport ‘keep cool goods’ and other temperature sensitive cargo as required.
  • d. Ensure vehicles are road worthy, certified for usage, C2 licensed (bonded) and have valid road insurance as per rules and regulations of Turkey. During transportation, the cargo shall be fully insured.
  • e. Upon receipt of transportation request, the contractor shall position vehicles at bonded or non-bonded warehouse in Mersin within 24 hours of loading date.
  • f. The contractor shall communicate with UNFPA CO to arrange collection of cargo from bonded warehouse or non-bonded warehouse.
  • g. The contractor shall provide all shipping documents to UNFPA CO with vehicle details (driver name and plate number) prior to collection of cargo from bonded warehouse or non-bonded warehouse.
  • h. The contractor shall ensure that upon loading and arrival at the destination, the vehicle(s) have a waiting period (if required) of 48 hours of arrival at no cost to UNFPA CO, after which UNFPA CO shall pay additional agreed fee for waiting period(s).

3. Customs Clearance & Customs Transit Regime Services

  • a. The contractor shall provide customs clearance & customs transit regime formalities for UNFPA CO cargo that arrives at Adana Airport, Mersin International Port and with on carriage deliveries to UNFPA bonded warehouse in Mersin.
  • b. If the goods will be imported with declaration document (Takrir) from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)-Turkey, the contractor shall provide custom clearance service accordingly.
  • After completion of custom clearance, the goods shall be move from bonded warehouse to non-bonded warehouse. The progress of declaration document (Takrir) will be followed up from MoFA by UNFPA CO.
  • c. If the customs transit regime will be applied for the goods, the contractor shall complete the progress from the bonded warehouse for dispatched goods through the same gateways.
  • d. UNFPA CO will provide pre-alert shipment documents, detailing all required cargo details, arrival dates, invoice and packing list to ensure customs clearance or transit customs regime can be conducted in a timely manner upon cargo arriving.
  • e. The additional fees (port/airport temporary storage fee, Bill of lading/Air Waybill fee, port custom fees, etc) shall be paid on behalf of UNFPA CO by the contractor. The prior-approval of payment of additional fees shall be given by UNFPA CO Warehouse Focal Point. The original invoice and payment receipt of additional fee can be submitted for disbursement monthly basis.
  • f. The customs progress of Keep cool goods is including maintaining cold chain storage at Adana Airport before onward delivery to bonded warehouse in Mersin. Temporary storage temperature range shall be between +2°and +8°C
  • g. The contractor shall undertake transit-customs regime formalities for UNFPA cargo in bonded warehouse in timely manner.
  • h. The gift certificate & packing list of dispatching cargo will be provided by UNFPA CO.


International Logistics Services:

  • ISO 9001: 2008 or 2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 10002: 2004 Quality management -Customer satisfaction
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems
  • ISO 18001:2007 Occupational health and safety management systems

Competitive Scope

Submission Guidelines

Bids comprising of Technical and Financial parts should reach to [email protected] no later than 15 March 2021, at Istanbul time 17:00

a. Please submit your Bid electronically, your Technical Bid and Financial Bid should be submitted in separate emails in accordance to clause 19.2 Submission of electronic Bids, should reach the email inbox of [email protected] Do not submit Bid documents to any other email address, sending the Bid to any other email address, including as a carbon copy (cc), will violate confidentiality and result in the invalidation of the Bid.

Bids received after the stipulated date and time will be rejected.


  • Bidders are asked to acknowledge receipt of this RFP using the Bid Confirmation Form SECTION VI – ANNEX A: BID CONFIRMATION FORM. A completed Form should be e-mailed to: Gozde Tuna Sirer at e-mail: [email protected] no later than 22 February 2021 and indicate whether or not a Bid shall be submitted. Bidders that will not submit a Bid are kindly asked to indicate the reason(s) for not bidding on the Bid Confirmation Form to help UNFPA improve its future Bid exercises.
  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.


Any questions relating to the Bid process and/or to the attached documents shall be sent to: Yaprak Oncel at email: [email protected]

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