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RFQ FY21-063 Guidance on Compensation for Young People


Plan International is an international organisation working to advance child rights and equalityfor girls. Increasingly, Plan International is working with youth-led groups, organisations andnetworks, supporting girls, boys and young people as active drivers of change. This is outlinedin an associated programme and influencing framework and global youth collective actionstrategy. As we work more closely with young people as advisors, partners and collaborators,we are testing ways to compensate them for their time and expertise, both financially and nonfinancially. We have examples of how we are doing this at the country level and globally, in ourprogramming, campaigning, governance and internal strategy development work.

In parallel, the issue of renumeration is particularly topical in the sector right now. There isincreasing recognition of the need to compensate young people for their time and expertisebut given the complexity of this (due to associated risks, and context specific labor laws), verylittle practical guidance is available. Girls and young people already face challenges inmobilising resources to support their organising and collective action efforts, which are oftenvoluntary. They are regularly expected to participate in consultations, strategy processes, advocacy opportunities in the same way as adults in NGOs who are doing so on a salary. Indoing so, they can incur costs.

Plan International recognises that to be a true ally and collaborator, we have a responsibility to“walk the talk” when it comes to meaningful and sustainable youth engagement. We are seekinga consultant, or small team of consultants, ideally young activists with lived experience of thisissue, to do an initial scoping of existing good practice compensation / renumeration practiceswithin Plan International and the sector and develop a short, practical guidance document,which includes recommendations for a comprehensive compensation package. This will be used by Plan International to inform our approach and will be shared with peer Organisations toencourage policy and practice change in the sector.

We are seeking someone with the following skills, knowledge and experience:

  • – An understanding of youth engagement, with a focus on youth participation, youth activism, governance and/or research and associated compensations structures and approaches
  • – Ideally, lived experience of the challenges around unpaid / volunteer work by young people
  • – Experience facilitating collaborative, participatory design processes
  • – Experience producing clear, concise and strategic guidance documents and tools
  • – Some knowledge of the legal and financial risks associated with this issue would be desirable.
  • – Experience working across offices and countries, facilitating interactive virtual workshops
  • – English language and writing skills are essential. French or Spanish skills are alsodesirable.
  • Young people, particularly young women, trans, intersex and gender non-conforming youth,Black, Indigenous and ethnic minorities, and those living with a disability are stronglyencouraged to apply. Young people are welcome to apply with others in a small team.


We expect this to be a 5 – 7 day piece of work spread over a one month period. This will be aninitial scoping and not result in a full and comprehensive compensation package. The aim is todocument a small number of practices and provide initial thinking for a more robust package.

Deliverables will include the following:

  • – Design and deliver 3 – 5 consultation meetings with relevant staff, partners and youngpeople to scope good practice examples from within Plan International and from 2-3global peer organisations. If the consultant has other ideas about methodologies touse, these would be welcome.
  • – Review existing documentation on current practice and collate into a shared file.
  • – Develop an initial proposed template of the guidance to be reviewed and approved.
  • – Develop a short practical guidance (6-10 pages maximum) document includingrecommendations for a comprehensive compensation package and for how to contextualise such recommendations. This should include case studies and suggestedtiers and financial and non-financial renumeration options taking into considerationdifferent types of engagement at different levels. These might include:
    • o Travel per diems vs volunteer stipends vs paid consultancy
      o Specific services such as moderation, rapporteur work, presentation on a topico Youth engagement strategy development
      o Participation in international and regional conferences
      o Prolonged campaign engagement (e.g. core collaboration / governance groupetc) The guidance should have a strong risk and safeguarding perspective and includea list of basic risks to be contextualised by offices during risk management processes.
      It should include questions for further thought and investigation.
  • – Hold a meeting with a small reference group to review and agree the finalrecommendations. Alternatively, feedback on the recommendations could be
    sought in writing.
  • – Co-lead a 1-hour webinar to share the findings and recommendations

List of documents to be submitted with the RFQ

RFQ must be inclusive of the following documents:

  • – Your CV(s) and a letter outlining how you meet the criteria
  • – Examples of previous similar work is helpful if you have them to share, but directexperience is more important
  • – Day rate and overall budget

Submission of offers

The offer must be sent via email to [email protected] must be received before the deadline specified in the “Request for Quotations”Pricing for services should state whether they are fixed or non-fixed.

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice

Deadline: January 27, 2021

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