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Lessons learnt consultancy ‐ Impact assessment and evaluation of the stimulative physiotherapy intervention on children development Consultant


The humanitarian situation in Myanmar is characterized by a complex combination of vulnerability to natural disasters, food and nutrition insecurity, armed conflicts, dire inter-communal tensions, statelessness, displacement and human trafficking.

In Myanmar, HI has operations in Yangon, Mandalay, Kachin State, South-eastern Myanmar (Kayin State ad Bago), and Rakhine State.

The consultancy on “Lessons learnt consultancy – Impact assessment and evaluation of the stimulative physiotherapy intervention on children development” takes place in the frame of HI’s project funded under MHF, “Provision of essential services for highly vulnerable population in Central Rakhine through promotion of child developmental milestones, early detection and prevention of long term disability especially among children with acute malnutrition and assistance to children with disabilities, for a more resilient and inclusive community”. The overall objective of this project is to strengthen detection, referral and treatment of developmental delays and physical impairments, among children under 18, including children under 5 with Acute Malnutrition, living in displaced and local communities in Sittwe. The project commits assessing the impact of the physical rehabilitation intervention on children’s development targeted by the project and this will serve as an evidence-based tool to scale up the intervention and expand HI programming, as an advocacy tool towards the health authorities and nutrition partners, and for the inclusion or adaptation of Early Childhood Stimulation Therapy for Severe Acute Malnourished children for expand opportunities to multiply service points to identify children with malnutrition and to provide behavior changes messages. The project is being implemented in Central Rakhine and the target beneficiaries of this project are IDPs in camps and communities in villages around Sittwe.

Aim and Objectives of the Consultancy:

The main objective of this assessment is to conduct an impact evaluation of Early Child Development component of the children with Severe Acute Malnutrition induced developmental delay. Below mentioned are the key objectives to this assessment:

  • To derive an evidence on the benefit of integrated (nutrition and early child development) interventions to the children with severe acute Malnutrition.
  • To estimate the contribution of HI interventions on promoting the development of children with developmental delay
  • To determine the contribution of the project on the prevention of developmental delay on children with Malnutrition because of HI early simulative actions
  • To review the procedures and protocols adopted by the HI team on managing the Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition
  • To establish a strong case for replicating the partnership model between ACF and HI for managing malnutrition in other humanitarian settings.
  • Determine the need for follow up training to physiotherapist of early child stimulation and develop the customized two days refresher training. While planning this training also consider the training needs of two newly joined physiotherapists for HI in Rakhaine
  • To establish the clear monitoring framework for HI technical unit team in Yangon in order to enable a country-based monitoring and evaluation of early childhood intervention in future.

The position of the applicants is based at Rakhine state of Myanmar. However, the based station and method of study could change according to how the COVID-19 and political context evolves in Myanmar. The service provider is requested to propose a methodology to meet the proposed aim of a consultancy. The consultant will work with the Technical Unit Manager (TUM), who will supervise the overall consultancy work with close support and coordination with Field Coordinator including arranging field level activities.


The consultant will work in collaboration with HI Rehabilitation Specialist of Headquarter and the Operational and Technical team of HI’s programme in Myanmar.

1. Inception report with detailed methodology, data collection and analysis plan and work plan which will be validated by the HI Myanmar prior to launch of the actual assessment

2. Progress report of the assessment to allow feed-backs questions, comments from both persons of concern (family members, partner organization) and HI team prior to finalization of report.

3. Final, print-ready evaluation report. The report should be written in simple English language and must be comprehensive with detailed information in appendices. The final report should be edited professionally incorporating all comments and corrections in any. Completed checklists, questionnaires, photos.

4. Presentation of key results of a consultancy to HI team and to stakeholders in workshop.

5. Refresher training need assessment report and design of the refresher training to the Physiotherapist

6. Deliver the refresher trainings and submit the detail report on it.


The applicant shall provide an indicative activity plan including number of working days for the assessment in August 2021. The applicant will submit assessment progress report 10 days after the start of the assessment/contract and final reports to be submitted within 20 days after assessment completion in the field. Following the submission of the final assessment report, the applicant will have produced clear findings fact sheets and concrete recommendations for both local, international and national actors (both private and public).


The applicant shall provide a detailed financial offer including all costs related to this consultancy with detailed breakdown including applicable taxes. HI will be responsible financially for organizing training. HI will not cover additional payment such as accommodation/flight ticket/transportation charges.


Interested candidates are required to apply before 2 July, 2021, at the following email address: [email protected] indicating “PSR MYTH-2021-RAKH-0061”_ Lessons learnt consultancy ‐ Impact assessment and evaluation of the stimulative physiotherapy intervention on children development Consultant _Name of applicant” in subject. The start of the consultancy services is subjected to evolving situation of Myanmar.

The application shall include:

1. A brief cover letter (indicating Myanmar visa status in case of international consultant/firm)
2. A Narrative proposal including analysis content, methodology and time schedule
3. A financial proposal
4. Company registration certificate
5. ID of the people who will perform the consultancy/ Copy of NRC

DEADLINE: 2 July, 2021

The above is a summary of the original procurement notice.
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