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Project Background

The Global Affairs Canada (GAC) funded Securing women’s Economic Empowerment in Donbass (SEED) project will target women and the most vulnerable or marginalized groups in the conflict-affected region to achieve economic prosperity by working with local stakeholders (government, private sector, civil society) to identify and introduce conflict-sensitive economic tools and approaches.

Recognizing the vulnerabilities of young women in the conflict-affected region, the project will apply a multi-pronged approach to address barriers to socio-economic empowerment. A key component of this approach is to enhance access to better paying careers, particularly STEM careers where women are under-represented. The project will thus provide educational opportunities in the information technology (IT) sector identified as one of the best paying and most promising sectors of the economy in Ukraine.

Specifically, the project will support 390 marginalized conflict-affected women in Donbas interested in and motivated by an IT career with scholarships/subsidies.


Objective of the Call for Tender

ACTED seeks to establish framework agreements with service providers who offer short-term intensive IT training opportunities through different modalities – offline (in person) and/or online.

Legal Status

The IT training service providers must be registered as legal entities in Ukraine and may include charitable institutions, social enterprises, private sector academies and universities, and state universities.

Training modality

Considering COVID-19-related restrictions, only those service providers which offer online courses or both online and offline modes will be considered during the first year of project implementation and onwards until the restrictions are completely lifted in the country. The service providers which offer both offline and online options will be prioritized during the vetting process, and they will need to ensure the possibility to switch the short-term training courses considered under the Project to online mode in full.

Types of courses

The project will only support predominantly software oriented I.T. courses, and particularly those ones for which a service provider’s experience demonstrates at least 60% of graduates being employed in the IT sector 6 to 12 months after graduation. The list below is non-exhaustive:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Quality Assurance (QA Testing)
  • Graphic design
  • Programming languages
  • Cybersecurity
  • Project Management in IT

Added value elements:

Training providers which also provide “soft skills” training and/or mentoring on employment and entrepreneurship will be prioritized.


Among service providers offering in-person trainings only those will be considered which have offices in Donetsk or Luhansk oblast, preferably in the locations within close proximity to those where ACTED has field offices, i.e. Mariupol, Sloviansk and Sievierodonetsk. If a service provider offers online option only, its office should be available for visiting by ACTED staff members on a regular basis, i.e. it should be situated in Donetsk or Luhansk oblast, or in Kyiv city.


From the date of signing until the Project end in December 2022 with a possible extension agreed by the parties.

Roles and responsibilities

ACTED will take responsibilities of the following activities:

  • Identify potential beneficiaries.
  • Select beneficiaries and refer those qualifying for the scholarship provision to the service provider.
  • Develop tripartite agreements between ACTED, IT training service provider and beneficiary.
  • Timely transfer payments of course fees according to the distribution schemes developed and agreed.
  • Design and harmonize with service provider the tools for attendance and performance monitoring, and for data collection on beneficiaries’ graduation status.
  • Regularly monitor beneficiaries’ attendance and performance.
  • Regularly do spot-checks before or after lessons to explore beneficiaries’ and providers’ level of satisfaction with their interrelation and be aware of any problems with the implementation.

IT Training Service Provider will take responsibilities of the following activities:

  • • Test potential beneficiaries or support ACTED in development of simple logic and/or skill assessment tests and consequent testing.
  • • Contribute to development of tripartite agreements between ACTED, IT training service provider and beneficiary.
  • • Provide trainings to ACTED’s beneficiaries in compliance with training schedules specified in tripartite agreements.
  • • Support ACTED with development of the tools for attendance and performance monitoring, and for data collection on beneficiaries’ graduation status.
  • • Support ACTED with beneficiaries’ attendance monitoring, spot-checks and with output level and immediate outcome level monitoring.



Interested service providers shall submit:

  • a) An offer form (Annex A) listing the name/level of the course, duration and price – including duration of the price “guarantee”, the general questionnaire (Annex B) and questionnaire capturing details on the short-term courses lasting from 3 to 12 months (Annex C).
  • b) A brief course profile for each course listed in the offer form, including pre-requisites to enter the course.
  • c) Company profile:
    • References from Institutional organization and companies as the evidence of IT courses quality
    • Company registration documents as well as the copy of the ID or passport of the legal representative
    • Annual declaration where is shown their annual turnover

General Conditions:

1. The closing date of this tender is fixed on 16/10/2020 at 18:00 in ACTED office at the following address: ACTED representative office in Kiev, 10 Observatorna street, office 21

2. Tenderers will fill, sign, stamp and return the Offer form according to ACTED’s format.

3. Tenderers will sign and return all pages of the Product Specifications for which they apply.

4. The offer to the call for tender will not result in the award of a contract.

5. The offer must be submitted before to ACTED purchase department by E-mail at [email protected], Cc [email protected] or in a sealed envelope with the mention “not to be opened before 16/10/2020” and the purpose of the offer (submission by email is preferable but not compulsory).

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice

6. Unsealed envelope and late Bids will be automatically rejected.

7. Bidding to this tender will not automatically result in the award of a contract.

8. To ensure that funds are used exclusively for humanitarian purposes and in accordance with donors’ compliance requirements, all contract offers are subject to the condition that contractors do not appear on antiterrorism lists, in line with ACTED’s anti-terrorism policy. To this end, ACTED reserves the right to carry out anti-terrorism checks on contractor, its board members, staff, volunteers, consultants, financial service providers and sub-contractor.

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