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C19RM – RFI for PPE – Market Survey TGF-21-031


The objectives of this RFI is to gather information from potential suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) , which would allow the Global Fund to inform the development of its procurement strategy with regard to this product category and further engagement with market players, and potentially launch a formal tender (Request for Proposals) for PPE in 2021.

Respondents to this RFI are invited to submit information regarding their capabilities, services offered and the market for the aforementioned product category. Information collected from this RFI will inform the design of future RFPs for PPE, to be launched by the Global Fund in 2021.


This RFI asks respondents to provide at the following information in the Attachment A “C19RM PEE Questionnaire” document (non-exhaustive):

  • Basic respondent information and key contacts.
  • Location and specialization of the respondent’s key facilities.
  • Ability to provide items listed by the Global Fund.
  • Compliance with the Global Fund’s requested product specifications.
  • Production / supply capacity information.
  • Lead time information.
  • Indicative price information.
  • Innovations.

The product categories in scope are listed below. For further details, please see “3. Commercial Questions” in “Attachment A”

1 Mask, Surgical, Type IIR fluid resistant, s.u./disposable

3 Mask, Surgical, Type IIR, ear loop, fluid resistant

4 Goggles, glasses protective

5 Face shield

6 Particulate respirator fluid resistant

7 Particulate Respirator non-fluid resistant

8 Gloves, examination, non‐sterile

9 Gloves, surgical, sterile

10 Apron, heavy duty

11 Apron, disposable

12 Gown, isolation

13 Gown, surgical

14 Coverall, protection

15 Boots rubber

16 Surgical Cap

17 Biohazard bag

18 Thermometer

19 Gloves heavy duty

Submitting Responses

Respondents are expected to submit their responses by email to the Global Fund’s dedicated C19RM RFI inbox, at: [email protected]

In the title of the email containing the RFI submission, please state the RFI number and relevant product category, and company name; for example: “TGF-21-031 – PPE RFI Response – [Company Name]”


All communications with regard to this RFI, including clarification questions, shall be in writing and sent to the dedicated RFI inbox ([email protected] ). This inbox is managed by the Global Fund Sourcing Team. In all communication, please include the RFI number in the subject line (eg. TGF-21-031) Should the Global Fund deem it necessary to revise the RFI, e.g. as a result of a clarification, it shall do so as an amendment to the RFI that will be made available on the Global Fund’s website.

RFI Closing

The RFI will close at the exact Closing Time stated above, and past this time the uploading of documents (even partially uploaded) will not be accepted. It is therefore strongly advised that the uploading of submissions be fully finalized at least 30 minutes before the RFI’s Closing Time as there are always risks of having network, internet or uploading issues. For the avoidance of doubt, the Closing Time stated in the RFI will always be Geneva, Switzerland, time. This may be CET or CEST, depending on the time of year. For equivalences in different time zones please check on www.timeanddate.com


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