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Building on considerable progress in malaria control in the 2000s, the Elimination 8 (E8) Regional Initiative was formed in 2009 by eight Ministers of Health in Southern Africa – Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – to plan, coordinate, and execute a regional malaria elimination strategy across the Southern Africa region. E8 Secretariat is a subsidiary agency of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and serves as the socio-economic body’s malaria elimination coordinating entity. The E8 and its strategies are governed and guided by the overarching SADC Protocol on Health, ratified by all Heads of State or Government in 1999, which recognizes that close co-operation in health across Member States is essential to effectively control communicable diseases and catalyze economic prosperity in the region. The E8 Initiative aims to end transmission in four low-transmission “frontline countries”— Botswana, Eswatini, Namibia, South Africa — by 2020, and to pave the way for elimination in four middle- to high-transmission “second line countries”— Angola, Mozambique , Zambia, and Zimbabwe — by 2030 through collaboration and coordination.

E8 Secretariat is a multi-donor funded orgnisation and is registed as Diplomatic Mission.


Objectives of the Audit

The main objective of the financial audit is for the auditor to: express and independent and professional opinion on whether the consolidated annual financial statement present fairly in all material respects the financial position, funds received and expenditures by E8 Secretariat (and sub-recipients) for the reporting period and in accordance with the applicable accounting framework; evaluate, obtain sufficient understanding and comment on whether E8 Secretariat internal control framework is satisfactory and to report on the weaknesses identified.

Audit Scope of Work

The audit should be conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and will include such tests and controls as the auditor considers necessary under the circumstances.

As part of the audit testing procedures, particular attention should be paid to the following areas:

Compliance with applicable legislation: Verify that the transactions comply in all material respects with any applicable legislation; System of internal controls: Assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of the accounting and overall internal control system to monitor expenditures at all levels of the organisation and other financial transactions including special attention to the adequacy and effectiveness of controls around cash transactions.

Follow up on the status of findings of previous audit reports: The auditor should follow up on management’s intended actions to address the findings of previous audits.

Safeguarding of entity’s assets: Verify that E8 Secretariat has put in place mechanisms for the tracking and safeguarding of assets purchased with grant funds and that they are being used for the intended purposes.

Data retention and supporting documentation: necessary supporting documents, records, and accounts have been retained in compliance with statutory guidelines The Global Fund (GF) component, which covers 80% of the total funding of the secretariat, will be audited by the GF appointed External Auditors. It is therefore recommended that the auditor selected to do the audit of the consolidated financial statement place reliance on the work done by the GF appointed auditors.

Available documents and facilities

E8 Secretariat shall provide the auditor with access to all books and records pertaining to the grant as requested by the auditor, including a list of all key Principal Recipient and Sub-Recipient locations, noting the key documents held at each location.

Duration of Engagement

The period of engagement will be for 2 years’ subject to annual confirmation of re-appointment by the E8 Secretariat Board and availability of continued funding of E8 Secretariat. A third year will be considered subject to funding. First financial year will be January 2020 to December 2020.

Responsibility for the preparation of Annual Financial Statements

The responsibility for the preparation of annual financial statement lies with E8 Secretariat.

Annual Financial Statements

The financial statements should include the following components:

  • A statement of Comprehensive Income
  • A statement of financial position
  • A Cashflow statement
  • A statement of changes in net assets
  • Notes to the Annual Financial Statements
  • Auditor’s Report and Management Letter

In preparing the audit report, the selected audit firm will issue an audit opinion on the financial statements in accordance with ISA.

In addition to the audit report, the auditors will prepare a management letter in which they shall.

  • Comment on instances of non-compliance in the accounting records, procedures, systems, and controls that were examined during the course of the audit with particular reference to ineligible expenditures and systematic weaknesses.
  • Provide recommendations to address the observed deficiencies and areas of weakness in systems and controls which may be implemented promptly.
  • Communicate matters that have come to their attention during the audit which might have a significant impact on the implementation and sustainability of the secretariat.
  • Report on the implementation status of recommendations contained in previous reports.
  • Include responses made by the E8 in discussing audit recommendations.
  • It must be clearly noted on the face of the Management Letter that it is a confidential document and must be treated as such.
  • The Management Letter should state that the auditor acknowledges and agrees that the Management Letter shall be shared with donor (where required) on a confidential basis.

The selected auditor will report to the Oversight Committee of E8 Secretariat. The Oversight Committee will in turn report to the Board of Directors.

Auditor’s Qualification

The firm appointed as the auditor should:

  • have an internationally recognized professional accounting qualification i.e. the person appointed should be either a certified public accountant, a chartered accountant or should be the holder of an equivalent professional accounting qualification.
  • be a member in good standing of a body of accountants affiliated to the international Federation of Accountants (IFAC);
  • have experience and knowledge of the Global Fund’s current financial management requirements or other international agencies.
  • must be a registered firm. Independent or individual auditors will be disqualified.

Submission and Identification of Proposals

  • Submissions must made electronically to [email protected] and must be free from virus and corrupted files, must be formatted in PDF files only and password protected. Password must not be provided to the E8 Secretariat until the date and time of Bid Opening as indicated in Clause 19.

Mandatory subject of email:


Bidders must be aware that the mere act of submission of a Proposal, in and of itself, implies that the Bidder accepts the General Contract Terms and Conditions.

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.

Deadline for Submissions

Bidders may submit their Proposals electronically in accordance with electronic application submission procedures no later than 5th October 2020, 10:00 hours CAT. An acknowledgement of receipt will be given for all proposals submitted.

The E8 Secretariat may, at its own discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of proposals by modifying the RFP in accordance with Clause 12 of this RFP, in which case all rights and obligations of the E8 Secretariat and the Bidders subject to the previous deadline shall thereafter be subject to the deadline as extended.

Late Submissions

Any proposal received by the E8 Secretariat after the deadline for submission of proposals prescribed in Clause 16 of these Instructions will be automatically disqualified from the process.

Clarification of Proposal

Prospective service providers may request clarifications of any of the RFP documents no later than 25th September 2020 (10.00 hours CAT) prior to the proposal submission date. Any request for clarification must be sent through electronic means to the E8 Secretariat Contracts and Procurement Manager at [email protected] The E8 Secretariat will respond in writing, transmitted by electronic means, to any request for clarification provided that such request is received no later than 25th September 2020 (10.00 hours CAT), and will forward copies of its response (including an explanation of the query but without identifying its source) to all Bidders who have provided confirmation of their intention to submit a Proposal.

The E8 Secretariat shall endeavor to provide such responses to clarifications in an expeditious manner, but any delay in such response shall not cause an obligation on the part of the E8 Secretariat to extend the submission date of the Proposals, unless the E8 Secretariat deems that such an extension is justified and necessary.


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