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UNFPA/USA/RFP/21/009 For the establishment of a: LONG TERM AGREEMENT In regards to: SUPPLY/PROVISION OF Provision of Building a Global mHealth Starter Pack-Maintenance and Support Services

Reference: UNFPA/USA/RFP/21/009

Beneficiary country(ies): Multiple destinations (see ‘Countries’ tab below)

Registration level: Basic

Published on: 26-Apr-2021

Deadline on: 10-May-2021 15:00 (GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


The mHealth starter pack, hereafter mHSP, represents a complete mHealth solution as a customizable framework and ready to deploy platform including a mobile application to run on Android smartphones and necessary backend infrastructure developed through a coordinated effort by the Innovation Secretariat and the Information Technology Solutions Office (ITSO) within UNFPA.

Furthermore, the development of the mHSP has not been a centralized initiative in Headquarters alone. Instead it has been built on the strengths and competencies of colleagues and other stakeholders across the organization through a participatory approach using community building and crowdsourcing as core values.

To date, over 10 country offices are in the process of deploying solutions based on the mHSP. It is expected that this number will continue to grow as additional country offices adopt the methodology and software solution available in the global mHealth starter pack. The end goal being to have the mHSP in use and adapted by every UNFPA country office to address the needs of adolescents and young people. This mHSP will continue to draw from the existing architectures and models and their related strengths and weaknesses, but also on new and emerging technologies given the fact that most existing solutions use outdated software that may also be proprietary.

In order to continue the success of the adoption of the mHSP, routine maintenance of the system and further development of the software shall be required. UNFPA has decided to outsource the required services in the form of a contractual agreement for personnel resources and described in the section on “Required Personnel Resource Profiles”.

A team of personnel from the selected bidder will be placed to work on development, enhancement, systems administration, etc. of the mHealth Starter Pack as and when required. At that time, UNFPA will provide the terms of reference for specific projects and will work with the selected bidder to determine the composition of the team.

Opportunity Structure

Required Company Profile

The minimum requirements for a company providing the required services are as follows.

  • The company must have expert knowledge and experience in providing various technical service aspects of Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, UI/UX Development, System Administration, and IT Project management (Experience developing products targeting adolescents is highly desirable).
  • The company shall have the required personnel available to assign to UNFPA’s mHealth project with the expertise in implementation, maintenance, and support of the existing system components.
  • The company must provide CVs for a minimum of two (2) and no more than four (4) personnel from each of the seven (7) profiles as described in “Required services, profiles, and minimum qualification requirements”.
  • The hourly rate for all seven (7) profiles must be provided.
  • A minimum of two (2) personnel per profile must be available for interview.
  • The company must have experience developing software applications and performing software maintenance with the UN or other international agency.
  • The company must demonstrate a clear understanding of the needs to protect and respect the privacy of end users and the sensitive nature of the content provided by the system.

Required services, profiles, and minimum qualification requirements

The “Required Personnel Resource Profiles” lists the personnel services related to the mHealth project that UNFPA requires. The number of personnel, type of personnel, and duration of assignment will vary depending on UNFPA business owner requirements. UNFPA business owners shall include UNFPA HQ along with regional and country offices. While the specific requirements of each project will vary, all projects shall involve administration and maintenance of the globally maintained components, implementation of features for the globally maintained platform, or clients developed for specific country contexts.

During the contract period, UNFPA anticipates the potential for additional development and maintenance requirements for the mHealth Starter Pack. When additional development and maintenance requirements arise, UNFPA shall provide the selected vendor with terms of reference detailing the required work along with expected start and completion date. UNFPA desires the selected Vendor to respond within one week with a list of personnel resources, including CVs of personnel and date of availability, to be provided by the vendor in order to fulfill the requirements.

UNFPA shall notify the selected Vendor within 3 working days of receipt of the list if any personnel resources that are considered unacceptable.

Competitive Scope

Place where services are to be delivered: All work shall be performed off-site.

Delivery date(s) and how the work will be delivered

  • All work to be performed by Vendor supplied resources shall be completed and delivered according to the duration of the project for which services are required.
  • Work done on specific application software application development milestones required by UNFPA shall be completed by dates agreed to by both the Vendor and UNFPA.
  • Software application code for web and mobile applications shall be delivered through online source control repositories managed by UNFPA ITSO.
  • System administration tasks shall be performed on the UNFPA ITSO managed Google Cloud Platform.
  • All UI/UX mockups created by the Vendor supplied personnel resources shall be delivered to UNFPA electronically in standard image formats.
  • Technical documentation created by Vendor supplied application developers shall be delivered in Microsoft Word format.

Supervisory arrangements

  • All Vendor supplied personnel resources shall report to the UNFPA Project Lead.

Bidders are asked to acknowledge receipt of this RFP using the Bid Confirmation Form SECTION VI – ANNEX A: BID CONFIRMATION FORM. A completed Form should be e-mailed to: Yu Jiao, at [email protected] no later than Monday, May 3, 2021 and indicate whether or not a Bid shall be submitted. Bidders that will not submit a Bid are kindly asked to indicate the reason(s) for not bidding on the Bid Confirmation Form to help UNFPA improve its future Bid exercises.

Any questions relating to the Bid process and/or to the attached documents shall be sent to: Yu Jiao at email: [email protected]

Responses to all questions received will be handled in accordance to the instructions included in Section I – Instructions to Bidders, clause 8 Clarifications of solicitation documents. Do not submit a Bid to this contact, or your Bid will be declared invalid, as UNFPA will not be able to guarantee the confidentiality of the Bid process.

UNFPA posts all Bids notices, clarifications and results in the United Nations Global Marketplace; hence, we strongly encourage Bidders to register on UNGM. The UNGM is the procurement portal of the United Nations system. By registering on UNGM, suppliers become part of the database that UN buyers use when searching for suppliers. The link describes the registration process:

Suppliers can also access all UN Bids online and, by subscribing to the Tender Alert Service, suppliers can be automatically notified via email of all UN business opportunities that match the products and services for which they have registered. Instructions on how to subscribe to the Tender Alert Service can be found in the UNGM Interactive Guide for suppliers.

UNFPA looks forward to receiving your Bid and thanks to you in advance for your interest in UNFPA procurement opportunities.

This letter is not to be construed in any way as an offer to contract with your company/institution.

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.
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