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Request for Proposal (RFP) for provision of Consultancy Services entitled “Durable Solutions Research – Northeast & Northwest Syria”.

Opportunity Background:

After almost ten years of conflict, roughly half of the Syrian population has been forcibly displaced. This includes the almost 5.6 million Syrians living abroad as refugees, as well as a further 6.5 million who are internally displaced inside the country.2 As conflict dynamics slowly stabilize throughout the country, there is an increased need to understand, and support pathways for, durable solutions to this large-scale displacement crisis.

Inside Syria, durable solutions primarily consist of: 1) the return of refugees from abroad to their home communities; 2) the return of IDPs to their home communities; and 3) the integration of IDPs and refugee returnees in communities different from their pre-war places of residence. In all cases, decisions to return or to locally integrate must be undertaken in a voluntary, informed, and dignified manner by displaced persons. Importantly, a durable solution is not achieved through a simple journey “home”, nor is an area necessarily conducive for durable solutions after active conflict has ceased. Rather, displaced persons must be able to achieve a level of physical, material, and legal safety that is sufficient to live a dignified life, and is commensurate with the standards enjoyed by their non-displaced neighbours.

In order to support their decision-making, many organizations supporting displaced persons have sought to design programming that increases prospects for durable solutions, as well as to engage in advocacy and policy development initiatives that promote the rights of displaced Syrians to pursue the best durable solution(s) for themselves and their households. This has taken place at both the Whole of Syria level as well as at governorate and community levels

Opportunity Structure:


For its next research projects, the DSP is partnering with new and existing Solutions Analysis partners in order to conduct two in-depth follow-up reports, which will assess durable solutions conditions across Northeast (NES) and Northwest (NWS) Syria. They will be grounded in primary data collection carried out by one research partner as well as pre-existing primary and secondary data sources from Solutions Analysis partner organizations, all of which will be supplemented by Key Informant Interviews. Outputs from this effort will consist of:

  • One Inception Report, covering workplan for both NES and NWS research efforts
  • One NES Solutions Analysis report (estimated 35-45 pages)
  • Area of focus will be Self-Administration controlled areas of NES
  • One NWS Solutions Analysis report (estimated 35-45 pages)
  • Forty (40) Key Informant Interviews, and interview transcripts in English
  • Twenty (20) interviews per report

The research reports will be organized according to durable solutions indicators laid out in the Analytical Framework, and will follow a similar structure to the Whole of Syria Solutions Analysis report (to be shared with consultant).

Data Sources

Data for this research will be drawn from the following sources:

  • Publicly available secondary literature (including thematic research, human rights reports, published assessments, news articles, displacement-related laws and policies)
  • Privately held data contributed by research partners (may include needs assessments and M&E data, economic assessments, private legal/thematic research and analyses, private databases, etc)
  • Survey data collected by research partner for these research efforts; and
  • Twenty (20) key informant interviews per report

DSP will be responsible for coordinating the timely receipt of survey data and additional private data from research partners. DSP will also provide the consultant with relevant secondary literature, and assist the consultant in identifying and contacting key informants as needed. However, the consultant is expected to take the initiative to identify additional secondary literature where relevant to do so, as well as to assist DSP in identifying key informants by drawing on their own professional networks in these regions.

Participant Engagement

This Solutions Analysis project is part of an ongoing, broad-based research initiative aimed at enhancing sectoral understanding of durable solutions conditions inside Syria. Though coordinated by DSP, it would not be possible without the support of a wide variety of stakeholder, who contribute primary and secondary data as well as technical expertise Benchmarks for assessing these conditions are laid out in the Analytical Framework on Durable Solutions for Displaced Syrians.

Consultancy ToR /Stakeholder Analysis to each report. For this reason, previous Solutions Analysis participants who are working in NES and/or NWS will be invited to participate in two separate research working groups comprising of both Whole of Syria and area-specific experts. These groups will be responsible for supporting the projects’ development.


This consultancy is intended for firms only. Individual consultants may not apply to this consultancy.


  • A technical proposal
  • Tax registration as a legal entity in the relevant country
  • Updated CV/s of the consultant team that clearly spelling out their qualifications and experience
  • Company profile
  • A cover letter, including commitment to availability for the duration of the assignment
  • A financial proposal showing daily rate
  • 2 or more examples of similar work completed in past
  • 2 reference contacts
  • Other documents , Annexes mentioned in the RFP

Competitive Scope:

Closing date and time for receipt of Tenders 3rd March 2021 13:30 GMT

Email submission

Bids can be submitted by email to the following dedicated, controlled, & secure email address: [email protected]

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