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ITT-531-2020: Invitation to tender for the Provision of Consultancy Services for the Evaluation of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Support to Small States


The main purpose of the evaluation is to assess the contribution of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s programmes in delivering benefits to, and promoting the interests of, its small member states. The evaluation is summative as it seeks to take stock of the effectiveness of the Secretariat in assisting its small state members to address their development and public governance challenges. Its findings are also expected to inform the new Strategic Plan from July 2021.

The objectives of this evaluation are therefore to:

i) Assess the overall coherence of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s support to small and vulnerable states

ii) Review the relevance of the support to small states’ development and public governance challenges and needs, and specifically in light of the changed global context over the past 10 years

iii) Consolidate and assess whether the Secretariat’s actions in favour of small states have been effective in meeting the expected outcomes of the Strategic plan.

iv) Identify specific stories and evidence of impact across the four regions

v) Make recommendations for the consideration of the Secretariat’s senior management and Board of Governors on how small states impact can be scaled up across the Commonwealth.

Primary Users

There are two primary user groups of the evaluation: 1) senior management and programme leads of the Commonwealth Secretariat; 2) the Board of Governors, sector leader and heads of member states.


  • A Final Inception Report that includes a detailed evaluation framework, a work plan, the evaluation methodologies that will be utilised and the perceived challenges, risks and mitigation actions.
  • A Draft Report to be shared with stakeholders for fact-checking and comments
  • A Validation workshop to discuss emerging findings, and respond to comments
  • A Final Draft Report incorporating the outcomes of the validation and other feedback
  • A Final Submission of the Evaluation Report incorporating comments from the Secretariat’s External Peer Reviewers.

The deliverables must be submitted to Strategy, Portfolio, Partnerships and Digital Division (SPPDD) electronically as a Microsoft Word document. The inception report is due within two weeks after the initial meetings with the Secretariat staff and the review of literature. Following the presentation of the Evaluation findings at a seminar at the Secretariat and receipt of feedback comments from the Secretariat and other stakeholders on the draft report, the consultant(s) is/are expected to submit a revised final Evaluation report within two weeks. The draft (and final) Evaluation reports must be no more than 75 pages, excluding all annexes. The copyright of the Evaluation Report shall belong to the Commonwealth Secretariat, however, consultants may be contacted to provide input to the final copy-editing phase.

Instructions to Tenderers

4.1 Tenderers must submit all documents as set out in Section 7 Part1 – Part 3 no later than the return date of 12:00 (Noon) on 11 11 2020.

4.2 The tender documents are to be returned by email only to the Commonwealth Secretariat to: Email: [email protected] NOTE: The file must be no more than 25MB per email.

4.3 Unless indicated otherwise, all prices should be quoted in Pounds Sterling. Prices quoted should exclude VAT but must indicate clearly where VAT is applicable and where items might be zero-rated.

4.4 The tenderer must ensure that they have all the information required for the preparation of the tender submission and that they are satisfied about the correct interpretation of terminology used in this documentation. The tenderer must also ensure that they are fully conversant with the nature and extent of the obligations should the tender be accepted.

4.5 Tenders are to be valid for a minimum of 60 days from the closing date for the submission of the tenders.

4.6 The Commonwealth Secretariat reserves the right to cancel the tender at any time during the process and not to award a contract as a result of this procurement process.

4.7 The Tender process will be conducted to ensure that responses are evaluated fairly to ascertain the most qualified and economically competitive bids. The Secretariat will use the evaluation criteria described below to determine if the Tenderer qualifies.

4.8 Tenderers shall bear all costs in completing a tender submission, including attendance of any presentations required.

4.9 Tenderers shall not disclose details of the ITT to third parties without prior agreement from an authorised officer of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

4.10 Tenderers are required to submit transparent pricing with no hidden costs or charges.

4.11 All clarification queries must be in writing submitted by 5pm on 03-11-2020 and only via the email address [email protected]


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