Provision of Health Insurance for Handicap International – Yemen (توفير التامين الصحي للمنظمة) 220 views


Tender Invitation

Handicap International (HI) Emergency Response Division, within its programs implemented in Yemen invites sealed tenders from registered suppliers for the Provision of Health Insurance for HI_YEMEN – J91_001ASSPERS2020002.

HI – Yemen Mission intends to award a framework contract for the Provision of Health Insurance for HI_YEMEN in the framework of humanitarian programs funded by all HI donors. Through this tendering process, Handicap International will select one service provider or more with whom a yearly framework contract will be signed and likely to extend for another year for the following information:

Currently HI have (±120) regular HI staff and his /her dependents are to be included in the coverage (total individuals per month (±450) Person

  1. HI employee (male or female)
  2. Spouse (one spouse)
  3. Children from Age 1 day to 18 years old.

Age band/class/co-insurance-per person



Annual Premiums in USD


1 day – 18 years




19 years – 65 years



Employee /spouse

Optional: At the cost of the employee, HI may facilitate the parent’s coverage and deduct it from whom are interested to include their parents:

Age band/ class/co-insurance-per person



Annual Premiums in USD


45 – 100 years (optional)




The detailed description and conditions of the provision required bidding documents, in English, will be collected free of charge by all interested/related bidders from the following address:


Address: Sana’a Hadah Street. Behind UN Compound – Sana’a – Yemen

From 09:00HRS to 15:30HRS.

Or should send a request to [email protected]

For additional help please reach the following number: +967 730 364 364

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.

This tender is open for all qualified bidders and service providers. Bidders shall send their proposal to the address above not later than 31st of Dec, 2020 (Yemen Standard Time) in a sealed envelope with the reference and note mention below:

“Not to be opened before the Tender opening session”.

Provision of Health Insurance for HI_YEMEN – J91_001ASSPERS2020002

Any requests after the deadline will not be considered

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