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Invitation to tender (ITT 554-2021) for the

Background and Introduction

The Commonwealth Secretariat is in contract with a service provider for mobile voice and data services. This agreement which came into force in June 2019 was for 110 Lines.

Over the contract period, the connections billed have grown to 176 lines. This has been is due to

a) Increased number of staff roles that need regular mobile use

b) Travel and safety – duty of care for staff travel

c) Increased requirement to coordinate projects and tasks within teams from home during the pandemic.

d) Increased need for correspondence between staff and stakeholders

e) Backup for poor internet connections at home (hotspots/tethering)

In today’s Modus Operandi and online culture, staff must be reachable in order to service other business users and make quick decisions. Internal customers, vendors, and partners are now expecting instant responses to their needs. Being readily responsive to needs from anywhere, at any time, will be a strong productivity differentiator.

Core Requirements

  • A baseline of 176 billed connections
    • 110 voice and data Lines for UK/EU only (63%)
    • 60 Voice and data lines UK/EU with international roaming (34%)
    • 6 Data only UK/EU and Rest of the world roaming enabled (3%)
  • The potential to provision new connections to match the number of staff up to a maximum of 330 billed connections.
  • The capability to determine from time to time the number of connections to be provisioned for local (UK/EU) facility and for international roaming facility and effect this in reasonable time.
  • Bulk Number porting service. Total Number of Lines to be ported is 176
  • Shared pool model of data and minutes
  • Hardware (Smart Mobile handhelds) 330 with minimum single-sim capabilities ; 20 Simfree with minimum dual-sim capabilities. Devices will be provisioned unlocked to a network
  • Service Management implementation (company portal enrolment with Intune) Portal(s) for reporting, billing, helpdesk
  • Accessibility of itemised/individual detailed bills for each user.
  • Provisioning Capabilities including capping while roaming, alerts on high usage and blocking of premium and selected calls; and admin capabilities to retrieve voice messages.
  • An appropriate range of accessories must be made available for each device offered. It is expected the accessory range will be your standard Mobile Solutions Catalogue offering
  • A minimum of Three (3) months’ notice of obsolescence must be provided to the Secretariat on devices taken.
    • a. Details of the anticipated lifecycle for devices must be made available. These may include product upgrade paths / technology road maps to assist the Secretariat determine Upgrade options on handsets after an agreed period.
    • b. The period for warranty of a device must be a minimum of 48 months. Options to upgrade or additional maintenance costs should be included in the proposal for devices where a 48-month warranty period is not possible.
    • c. Repair and replacement services for faulty devices must be provided on the next working day following the report of a defect (notification after 12.00 noon shall be deemed to have been received on the next Working Day).

Instructions to Tenderers

  • Tenderers must submit all documents as set out in Section 7 Part1 – Part 3 no later than the return date of 12:00 (Noon) on 19 05 2021
  • The tender documents are to be returned by email only to the Commonwealth Secretariat to: Email: [email protected] NOTE: The file must be no more than 35MB per email.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, all prices should be quoted in Pounds Sterling. Prices quoted should exclude VAT but must indicate clearly where VAT is applicable and where items might be zero-rated.
  • The tenderer must ensure that they have all the information required for the preparation of the tender submission and that they are satisfied about the correct interpretation of terminology used in this documentation. The tenderer must also ensure that they are fully conversant with the nature and extent of the obligations should the tender be accepted.
  • Tenders are to be valid for a minimum of 120 days from the closing date for the submission of the tenders.
  • The Commonwealth Secretariat reserves the right to cancel the tender at any time during the process and not to award a contract as a result of this procurement process.
  • The Tender process will be conducted to ensure that responses are evaluated fairly to ascertain the most qualified and economically competitive bids. The Secretariat will use the evaluation criteria described below to determine if the Tenderer qualifies.
  • Tenderers shall bear all costs in completing a tender submission, including attendance of any presentations required.
  • Tenderers shall not disclose details of the ITT to third parties without prior agreement from an authorised officer of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
  • Tenderers are required to submit transparent pricing with no hidden costs or charges.
  • All clarification queries must be in writing submitted by 5pm on the Tender clarification indicated date ( 5th May 2021) and only via the email address [email protected]
  • Prior to commencing formal evaluation, tender responses received will be checked to ensure they are fully compliant with all the instructions of this tender and clarification may be sought with regard to minor non-compliances. Non-compliant Tender Responses may be rejected by the Secretariat without further follow up. Only Tender Responses which are deemed by the Secretariat to be fully compliant will proceed to evaluation.
  • The Secretariat will carry out an evaluation of the tender bids using the weighted criteria method as described in sections below. Following all tender evaluation stages the Secretariat will select a preferred tenderer which will be taken forward to contract award.
  • By submitting a response, the tenderer is agreeing to be bound by the terms of this ITT and terms and conditions of save as in relation to those areas of the Contract specifically highlighted by completing the Legal Comments Table.
  • By taking part in this tender all tenderers commit to the following:
    • Tenderers certify that they have not canvassed or solicited any officer or employee of the Secretariat in connection with this tender submission and that no person employed or acting on behalf of the tenderer has done any such act.
    • To help achieve greater transparency in how the Secretariat spends public funds and to help deliver better value for money, tenderers acknowledge that should they be successful certain information, except for any information which is exempt from disclosure, will be published on the Secretariat’s procurement website: The information published may include (as an example): contract title, successful tenderer name, duration of contract.
    • The CSAT shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this Procurement (including non-contractual disputes or claims).


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