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RFP/UNDP/IICPSD/2021/02- Request for Proposal Capacity Building for the Replication and Adaptation of Inclusive Business Models in Technology-Enabled Healthcare

Scope of Work

As part of BCtA’s operations, companies with proven experience in the replication of their business models (originators) will be selected to provide technical assistance and mentorship to companies (in either or both the early-development or growth stages) that intend to adopt similar inclusive business models (replicators) and to support local governments in the provision of innovative and quality public services. The replicators will employ a similar model to the originator with scope for the adjustment and adaptation of the model to meet the needs of a particular country context, market or population. The role of the contracted originator may include any of the following tasks (which will, in general, be undertaken largely in the order as written). 2 The exact tasks to be undertaken will be left to the discretion of the party (UNDP Country Office or Regional Bureau) inviting LTA-holders to submit proposals for specific projects with clear and identifiable activities in defined markets and territories according to need, as part of the secondary bidding process:

(1) Piloting:

(i) Implementing the solution identified to address sectoral challenges, including:

  • a. Initiating the roll-out of the solution;
  • b. Enabling the implementation of the solution through digitalization (including in the use of digital platforms);

(ii) Guiding the replicator through the implementation of planned business models and offering hands-on support when necessary to ensure effective implementation, including:

  • a. Providing technical assistance on the tools necessary to implement the model;
  • b. Validating the models, technologies and services with replicators and end-users to determine the most appropriate adjustments and innovations;
  • c. Ensuring risk mitigation and optimized decision-making through technical facilitation

(2) Scaling:

(i) Adapting the solution to be integrated into the ecosystem;

(ii) Developing and integrating a framework for scaling the solution in partnership with the replicator and BCtA’s partners;

(iii) Defining the solution’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and SDG-aligned indicators for future monitoring.

(3) Learning:

(i) Training of entrepreneurs: sales, technical, business and sector-specific demands;

(ii) Sharing systemic challenges, opportunities and context-specific insights into effective approaches, results and lessons learned from both the piloting and the full-scale replication process through the delivery of a report;

(i) Developing guidelines to assist companies engaging in a replication and adaptation process;

(ii) Delivering workshops on how prominent issues in replicating innovative business models can be overcome based on the context of implementation and learnings acquired through the contracted business’ experience;

(iii) Producing a report on how business-to-government models can be effectively implemented, systematizing lessons learned in terms of government engagement and the role of government institutions in the context of this replication experience;

(iv) Developing and sharing guidelines on inclusive procurement, development partnerships and grant financing with BCtA.

These tasks will seek to implement the outcomes established by two prior stages of BCtA’s innovation journey that will be undertaken by external individual consultants focusing on specific sectors and markets:

Please acknowledge receipt of this RfP latest by 5 th of April 2021 sending an email to [email protected], indicating whether you intend to submit a Proposal, or otherwise. You may also use the “Accept Invitation” function in the eTendering system, where applicable. This will enable you to receive amendments or updates to the RfP. Should you require further clarifications, kindly communicate with the contact person/s identified in the attached Bid Data Sheet as the focal point for queries on this RfP.

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