Request for Quotations (RfQ) for establishing of Al-Nejoom park in Al-Baker neighborhood, Heet District, Anbar Governorate. 179 views





Request for Quotations (RfQ) for establishing of Al-Nejoom park in Al-Baker neighborhood, Heet District, Anbar Governorate. REF: Orokom/IRQ/2021/RFQ/Construction Works/001


As part of Supporting Recovery and Stability in Iraq through Local Development programme, funded by European Union , and in cooperation between OROKOM for Relief and Development and UN-Habitat is establishing of Al-Nejoom park in Al-Baker neighborhood, Heet District, Anbar Governorate.


As per the above, OROKOM Organization for Relief and Development (Herein referred to as OROKOM) is pleased to invite prospective bidders to submit a quotation for establishment Al-Nejoom park under OROKOM terms and conditions contained herein, as detailed in Annex A (BoQ) of this RFQ.


If you are interested in submitting a quotation in response to this RFQ, please prepare your quotation in accordance with the requirements and conditions as set out in this RFQ and submit it to OROKOM in sealed envelope or via email by the deadline for quotation submission set out in (Section 10: Submission). Sending a quotation in any way other than specified in (Section 10: Submission) shall result in disqualifying the bidder and may result in removal from the shortlist.



  1. BoQs and Technical Specification


The construction of Al-Nejom Park should be implemented according to the BoQs (Annex A)


which is attached in this RFQ, and as per the below conditions:


  • Work items to be implemented as per the conditions and specifications of the tender and in accordance with the OROKOM supervising engineer’s instructions.


  • All the work items should be done according to IRAQI General Technical Specifications (IGTS) that complies with ACI-Code 1995 applied according to the instructions of the supervisor Engineer.


  • All construction materials should be tested in a laboratory according to Construction Works Specification by NCCL (1981 edition), Contractor shall provide samples for all materials and equipment that will be used in the project prior to using them in order to obtain the approval from supervisor Engineer. The Implementing Company must pay the cost for samples including any laboratory tests, both inside and outside the country as required. The samples must be approved by the OROKOM supervising engineer.






  • It is the duty of the contractor to check the designs and BOQs for accuracy and adequacy before starting the works. In case of any difference between BOQ, designs and/or drawings, the instruction of supervisor Engineer will govern. In the cases of some works in the drawing are not mentioned in the bill of quantity the implementing company should add this item to the bill of quantity before starting of works, otherwise the implementing partner should execute this work for no extra charge and the implementing company doesn’t have any right to ask for variations orders.


  • The quantities may variate more than 20% without change in items’ price.


  • Prices should include provision of all necessary materials, equipment and workmanship to complete the items according to the AutoCAD drawings (DWG) and BOQ. It is the duty of the implementing company to check the designs for accuracy and adequacy of the BOQ and the drawings before starting the works otherwise the implementing company should execute this work for no extra charge. In case of any difference between BOQ, designs and/or drawings, the instruction of supervisor engineer will govern.


  • The contractor must provide a detailed time schedule, detailing all activities in logical sequence to complete the works within the implementation duration.


  • Workers will avoid blocking the adjacent streets and creating traffic hazards and annoyance to the neighbours with deposits of large quantities of construction materials and equipment — other than on a temporary basis for loading and downloading. After completion of the works, the site must be cleaned from all debris. All neglected materials must be removed and disposed of in a landfill site approved by municipality. The contractor must supply traffic and warning signs for safety.


  • In an effort to support the country’s/governorate’s economy and reduce the impact of long-haul transportation, materials should be sourced and produced as much as possible in Iraq, and preferably in Anbar Governorate.


  • Because supporting local livelihoods is a key component of the human development objectives of the overall area-integrated urban recovery programme, the implementing company shall recruit at least 70% of its skilled and unskilled workmanship (including masonry workers, metalworkers, plasterers/painters and cleaners) from Al-Baker neighbourhood in coordination with OROKOM field staff.


  • In light of the current efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the contractor will adhere to the Department of Health and WHO guidelines and adopt strict preventive measures during the course of the project to protect staff, workers and the community from infection. On-site hygiene measures will include social distancing (between 1 and 2 m distance), provision of basic personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitizers, mobile handwashing stations. Managers will establish remote monitoring protocol where and when necessary. A site supervisor will be nominated COVID-19 Safety Focal





Point and will be responsible for preparing check lists and ensuring that workers follow protocol on a daily basis.



  1. Drawings


The construction of Al-Nejom Park should be implemented according to the Drawings (Annex B, C, & D) which is attached in this RFQ, that shown the details of the requested works.


  1. Children Playground


Establishment Fitness and Children playground is s part of construction of Al-Nejom Park, and the providing and installation the requested equipment should be matching with the specifications that indicated in the Annex E in this RFQ.


  1. Site Visit


The bidders are encouraged to conduct the site visit for the complete understanding of the Statement of Work and BOQs.


  • Address: Anbar-Heet district -Hay Al-Baker


  • GPS: N 33” 39′ 23.411 , E 42” 49′ 39.180



  • Date and Time: Sunday 03 January 2021: 12:00PM – 02:00PM.


  1. Offer


Your offer should be in USD mentioning the total cost. Your offer (Price) should be valid for six months starting from the award of the contract.


  1. Payments


  • The total amount of this agreement will be divided into five installments.


  • In each payment, the Contractor will submit to OROKOM’s office the invoice stamped and signed by the representative of the implementing company, and thereafter, OROKOM will release the requested payment according to the Written Acceptance of the services provided based on full compliance with RFQ and BOQ requirements, note that the Written Acceptance should be certified by the supervisor Engineer, and the governmental end-user.


  • The required payment will be made within 21 working days after the receipt of the original invoice and Written Acceptance.


REF: Orokom/IRQ/202/RFQ/ Construction Works /001




  • All Payments will be made in cheque form and paid to the name of the person indicated in the agreement unless agreed up during the signing of the agreement.


  1. Submission Criteria


  • The classification of the submitted company must be between the first and fourth classification.


  • The bidder must provide the profile of company that shows the structure of the company and the financial accounts for the last two years


  • Minimum of 2 similar contracts for renovation/rehabilitation/reconstruction over the last 7 years.


  • Compliance of Bid to the Technical Requirements and specifications of the BOQs;


  • Compliance with the delivery terms and conditions/completion deadline set by OROKOM (2.5 Months).



  1. Award


  • OROKOM reserves the right not to award the contract to the lowest priced offer, if the second lowest price among the responsive offer is found to be significantly more superior, and the price is higher than the lowest priced compliant offer by not more than 10%.


  • OROKOM reserves the right to vary (increase or decrease) the quantities, by up to a maximum ten per cent (10%) of the total offer, without any change in the unit price or other terms and conditions.



  1. Duration and Termination


  • The contract will be valid for 2.5 months from the date of award and may be renewed for an additional period of time subject to the consent of both parties.


  • OROKOM may terminate this Agreement at its option by giving the contractor not less than one week notice in writing.


  • An evaluation will be carried out at the mid of the month to review the performance of the Contractor. This evaluation will be used to determine the continuity of this contract. If the performance of the Contractor is considered below the expectation of OROKOM, OROKOM will reserve the right to terminate this contract based on the termination clause below and without any further reference to the implementing company.



  1. Submission


  • Your offer should be hand-delivered in a sealed envelope to the OROKOM Organization, Main Office at Baghdad Al-Mammon close to Eagles Square. By 15:00 pm on

Saturday 09 January 2021 (OROKOM tender box). Or via email through the following address; [email protected]


  • If you experience any difficulties in locating the above address or submitting your offer, please contact Mostafa Ameer (+964 770 915 2185)


  • The envelope should be marked as follows:

REF: Orokom/IRQ/2021/RFQ/ Construction Works /001

  • Only Offers received as advised above will be taken into consideration. All offers sent after the deadline for replies will be considered as invalid.



  • Replies to all questions will be sent to all short- listed companies, without revealing the identities of either the bidder asking the question or the other shortlisted companies.
  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.


  1. Annexes;









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