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NRC Ethiopia Country Office


In partnership with Innovation Norway (IN) and Empower New Energy (ENE), NRC Ethiopia designed and initiated a blended finance project with two objectives:

(1) transition the energy supply of NRC Ethiopia’s operations (offices, communal kitchens for unaccompanied minors (UAM), training centres and schools) from diesel generators and kerosene to clean, reliable and affordable renewable energy and building on that

(2) seek and facilitate the extension of that solution to a wider target group which include other organisations, markets and where possible refugees and host community households.

The project officially started in January 2020 and encountered numerous external and internal challenges which has now resulted in the decision to close the project and pivot to another location before the completion of Milestone 1.

NRC believes in the value of learning from failure in innovation to improve future performance and this is why we are conducting this learning review.

The learning review will analyse the creation of the SHOE project from initial inception in August 2019 until February 2021 when the decision was taken to pivot to Kenya. This part of the learning review should enable NRC to understand:

  • What happened? Document the key steps, workstreams and decisions in the project over the last 14 months,
  • What were the causes? To understand first (process, skills), second (business and funding model, regulatory environment, COVID, etc) and third order (culture) reasons. To analyse the type of failure according to the Amy C Edmonson scale of failure.
  • What were the consequences? Tangible and intangible losses for NRC, Empower and the people we aim to serve.
  • What was the recovery time from identification to pivot? What could stakeholders have done better?
  • How can an agency like NRC prevent this type of failure to happen again?

We expect that part of the review will be conducted through a desk study and literature reviews. Core to the review will be interviews with the principal participants of SHOE, including ENE (and their local partner), IN, the initial project designers, project management and senior management in NRC Ethiopia, support actors from Oslo and other relevant parties.

The review will look to draw lessons from the project that will not only inform similar projects in future but also can be used by the wider humanitarian community who want to replicate similar projects.

Selected consultant(s) will be expected to deliver:

  1. Inception report describing the methodology to be used to learn from failure
  2. Roundtable discussion with initial findings
  3. Final report with findings and recommendations

Consultants are requested to provide an Expression of Interest including:

  • Proposed process and methodology
  • Level of effort and budget
  • A summary of relevant experience and updated CV
  • Examples of previous work similar to the proposed assignment.

Please submit your expression of interest to Paula Gil Baizan [email protected] b21 June 2021.

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.
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