RFQ for the Supply of Healthcare Items (Baby and Adult) through a Framework Agreement 67 views

RFQ for the supply of Healthcare Items (Baby & Adult) through Framework Agreement

Request for quotation (RFQ)

Request for Quotation (RFQ) for purchasing “Healthcare Items: Baby & Adult” through Terms and Conditions:

Quotations to be submitted: Quotations to be submitted on 06-Apr-21 by 03:00 pm through email to [email protected] mentioning the subject “Quotation for “Healthcare Items: Baby & Adult” through Framework Agreement”.

Offer Validity: The submitted offer will be initially valid for a period of 45 days from the date of quotation submission.

Price validity and Adjustment: Price will be adjusted as mentioned below:

  • The unit price can be changed if Bangladesh Govt. changes the VAT rate (increase or decrease). In that case the supplier will submit the necessary documentary evidences to BRAC Procurement Department (BPD) with an application to the Head of Procurement.
  • BRAC Procurement Department (BPD) will examine the price at the end of every one year from the effective date of the agreement by conducting a market survey. If the price is found to have been changed sharply, BPD will propose a new price which will replace the previous price with the consent of both parties. In case of any change in price, the new price will remain valid for a consensual period.

The price, if found unchanged, will automatically remain valid until the agreement ends which will require no further communication. If the vendor is a sole agent/sole distributor/manufacturer of the items, in case of any unavoidable change in price during the period of the agreement, the vendor will have to inform BPD 30 days prior to the implementation of the new price. A negotiation may take place during the price review.

Opening of Quotations: There will be no public opening of quotations; the Purchaser is not bound to accept the lowest evaluated quotation.

Supplier Selection: Responsive evaluated bidder / bidders (Lot-wise) will be selected as the Supplier(s) for the agreement subject to the decision of the BRAC authority.

Purchase/Delivery Order: Purchase orders will be issued time to time as per the requirements of BRAC. The PO/DO may be issued to the nominated local agent/distributor/depot of the manufacturer/importer.

Delivery Date & Place: Goods have to be delivered in Dhaka City at supplier’s own cost and management within maximum 15 (Fifteen) days after the purchase orders have been issued.

Rubbing & Over Writing: Rubbing, over writing & correction of price is not acceptable and quotations are to be submitted duly filled up, properly signed and sealed on each page.

Liquidated Damage. The Purchaser may, without prejudice to all its other remedies under the agreement, deduct from ordered price, as liquidated damages, a sum equivalent to 0.5% of the ordered value of the delayed goods and/or related services for each week or part thereof delay until actual delivery or performance as applicable, up to maximum deduction of 5% of the Delivery order /purchase value. Once the maximum is reached the purchaser may claim compensation from the performance security submitted by the supplier.

Delivery Challan: Goods have to be delivered with Challan to the program as per the delivery place & time mentioned in the order. The receiver will provide a notation on the Challan mentioning that the items have been received in good condition as per the required quality.

Inspection: Inspection of goods, where necessary, can be carried out by BRAC representative Programme / Department and sufficient time for inception will be ensured by the supplier. If any damaged (partially / fully) product is found during inspection, the product will be returned with supplier’s own cost and management.

Deadline: 06 Apr 2021

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