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Senior Investment Commission Advisor _ Baghdad

Fulltime- short term contract

October 22, 2021

November 05, 2021



Project Background:

The purpose of the USAID-funded Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability (IGPA/Takamul) project is to advance effective, accountable, and transparent governance in Iraq. This USAID effort, implemented by DAI, is working with the Government of Iraq (GOI) at all levels to better respond to citizen needs by supporting reform initiatives and Iraqi change agents on inclusive governance and public sector transparency, accountability, and economy. Reform initiatives include support to improve service delivery functions, public financial management, and open government initiatives. IGPA/Takamul supports the GOI and the citizens of Iraq in forming partnerships and collaborative efforts to solve problems jointly.

IGPA/Takamul has four (4) objectives:


  • Enhance GOI service delivery capacity
  • Improve public financial management (PFM)
  • Strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditure
  • Support Iraqi change agents (cross-cutting objective)


Under a separate Task Order 4, the IGPA Ninewa Investment Facilitation Initiative (NIFI) aims to increase employment and economic opportunities by helping the private sector, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and, as appropriate, larger, developed businesses. In addition, TO4 will support and build the capacity of Investment Commissions in 6 provinces (Ninewa, Wasit, Basra, Baghdad, Najaf, Anbar) to increase investments from local and international investors.




Assignment Overview:

The STTA will assist TO4 to implement a program to assist the GOI to better serve the needs of farmers and agribusinesses.


Responsibilities and Key Deliverables:

The general scope of work for the STTA will include, but not be limited to, the following deliverables:


  1. Prepare survey questions and lead the survey (with TO4 support) of the Agricultural Directorates, Agribusinesses, and relevant farmers associations in the 6 provinces (Basrah, Anbar, Wasit, Najaf, Baghdad and Ninewa) to identify deficiencies in GOI support to the agricultural sector (November/December 2021).


  1. Open channels of communication with the National Investment Commission, coordinate TO4 program activities in the investment promotion arena with the National Investment Commission, and update the commission on the task order’s achievements in supporting Iraqi government investment promotion efforts.


  1. Organize and lead discussions to be held with each of the 6 Agricultural Directorates and Governors Offices to prioritize reasonably addressable deficiencies in GOI support to the agribusiness sector in the 6 mentioned provinces.


  1. Identify financial institutions that specialize in providing financial support to the Agribusiness sector at the federal and provincial level and link TO4 with these financial institutions.


  1. Organize and represent IGPA at a large-scale national level event to be held in Bagdad (Jan/Feb 2022) to present the prioritized set of addressable identified GOI deficiencies in support to the agribusiness sector as well as to present VCA findings and concerning value chain actor needs. Attendees at this major event will include the Ministry of Agriculture, relevant Agricultural Directorates, the Governor’s Office of each Governorate, IGPA and IGPA/NIFI, Senior Agribusiness STTA, and USAID.  The consultant will assist attendees in jointly developing a plan of action to intervene and alleviate the addressable inadequacies in a practical way that will enhance the overall likelihood of the program’s success.


  1. Organize and lead (with TO4 support) additional events to be held at the provincial level with each of the Governor’s offices and Agricultural Directorates to address and develop action plans to intervene and provide solutions to deficiencies in GOI support to farmers and agribusinesses specific and unique to each province.



The STTA will also support in the following objectives as mentioned in the event SOW:

Objective 1:  Assist in the presentation of the Value Chain Analysis report findings for analysis and discussion.

Objective 2:    Present IGPA’s assessment of the limitations in Agricultural development in general as well as in select value chains (case study), obtain feedback and agree on analysis findings.  A particular focus will be placed on the identification of the primary root causes of current obstacles to efficiently functioning agricultural value chains.

Objective 3:   Review existing GOI and Ministry of Agriculture support to farmers in general and in select value chains and discuss the impact of this support, if any.

Objective 4:  Discuss farmer needs in general and in select value chains and the potential role the Ministry of Agriculture apparatus could play in supporting farmers.  A particular focus will be placed on the importance of financing VC actors and currently available sources of finance.

Objective 5:  Identify and agree on potential areas and action steps that the Ministry of Agriculture and related apparatus need to take to better support farmers and agribusinesses.

Objective 6:  Introduce and discuss the most promising agricultural sectors and commodities for inward investment promotion and import-substitution.  Consider Provincial Investment Commission strategies to promote such opportunities.

Objective 7:  Assist in providing an opportunity for GOI officials to visit farms and learn first-hand the challenges faced by Iraqi farmers


Qualifications and Experience

  • Demonstrated experience and track record of success in development project implementation, particularly as it relates to the development of the agricultural sector in Iraq.
  • Experience in USAID support to government institutions and private sector-oriented projects preferred.
  • Familiarity with the Iraqi system, technical and institutional framework.
  • Experienced in interacting with Iraqi government officials and staff in a professional capacity.
  • Knowledge of the Iraqi national and sub-national level of government, development, and service delivery context experience preferred.
  • Master’s degree in an agriculture or related field preferred.
  • Professional English level (speaking, reading, and writing) required.
  • Arabic language fluency is preferred.
  • Excellent technical and report writing skills.


General Statement:

This assignment will be conducted in Baghdad with travel to Erbil’s IGPA project office and required travel to several provinces in Iraq including Ninewa, Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Wasit, and Anbar. Under this SoW, the IGPA/Takamul project will be responsible to cover all other indirect implementation costs including air and ground transportation, lodging, per-diem, and phone communications per established policy.



How to apply

Your application will not be taken into consideration if you do not insert the position title in subject line of your e-mail. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date. This position is for Iraqi nationals only.


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