Supply and Delivery of Fresh Food boxes and Evaporated Milk to the Refugee Sites (3 Lots) 180 views

Invitation to Bid (ITB) for the establishment of 1 year Purchase Agreement for the Supply & Delivery of Fresh Food boxes & Evaporated Milk. (DRC Greece)

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has received a grant for the implementation of the humanitarian aid operation. Part of this operation is the supply and delivery of Fresh Food boxes and Evaporated milk to the Refugee sites as per Lot 1, Lot2, Lot 3.

Therefore, the DRC requests you to submit price bid(s) for the supply of the commodities listed on the attached DRC Bid Form Annex A.1, Annex A.2. The Tender will conclude in a Purchase Agreement, for a period of one (1) year from date of signature, with possibility of extension period for another 1 year.

DRC Greece is active in 8 Open Accommodation Refugee and Migrant Hosting Sites in the mainland of Greece and is in search for a supplier/or suppliers, to provide DRC Greece with :

  • Fresh Food Boxes and
  • Evaporated (εβαπορέ) milk for Children population for ages from 1 to 4 years old.

which will be delivered in the below mentioned Sites as per Annex A.2 (Financial Bid / Bill of Quantities-BoQ):

LOT 1 : Attica sites :

  • Skaramagkas
  • Schisto
  • Lavrio

LOT 2 : Central Greece sites :

  • Koutsochero
  • Volos

LOT 3 : North Greece sites :

  • Alexandria
  • Lagadikia
  • Veria

Regarding Fresh Food Box Content

The awarded supplier(s) shall deliver the below items in quantities per box, as also listed in Annex B.3 – Fresh Food Box Contents:

  • Lemons – multiple, bagged – 0.5 kilogram
  • Cabbage – single, bagged – 1-1.5 kilogram
  • Carrots – multiple, bagged – 1 kilogram
  • Tomatoes – multiple, bagged – 0.5 kilogram
  • Peppers – multiple, bagged – 0.5 kilogram
  • Bananas – multiple, bagged – 1 kilogram
  • Apples* – multiple, bagged – 1.5-2 kilogram
  • Garlic – Single, loose – 1 head/piece
  • Onions – multiple, bagged – 0.5 kilogram
  • Plain Flour – Bagged and sealed – 1 kilogram
  • UHT Milk – Carton – 2 liters**
  • Potatoes – multiple, bagged – 1 kilogram
  • Eggs (chicken) – with egg carton – 12 pieces
  • Cardboard box – to fit above items – 1 piece

All fresh food boxes shall contain the items listed above and in Annex B.3 Fresh Food Contents. Some of the items might be replaced with others according to seasonal foods availability, following DRC’s request. DRC will coordinate with the awarded supplier on selecting the replacement items based on seasonal availability and similar price.

All items should be Quality A (πρώτης διαλογής) and must comply with applicable provisions, such as physical characteristics and visual appearance (texture, shape, texture, color).

In case one or more of the products originally submitted by the supplier in the bid is not available and they request a substitution, then DRC Greece may accept other brands, but will require certifications from the supplier that the proposed substitution meets the requirements as per the accepted bid and may ask for a sample to be sent prior to agreeing.

A sample of all products/goods included in the fresh food box will be submitted, for evaluation, when requested from DRC only for the shortlisted bidders.

All the items delivered will have to comply with the current EU labeling legislation.

Fruits will be delivered with no signs of defect. Fruit species will be of first grade quality, domestic, of recent harvesting, intact, healthy and without traces of insect pests or other parasites and diseases, without bruising, stains, scratches, free from damage and frost damage, free from foreign bodies, soil and visible traces of fertilizers and pesticides. Their texture and organoleptic characters will not be altered. They will be available in kind and quality, without mixing of different qualities, regardless of variety. The applicable provisions also apply to the storage and transportation of the products up to their delivery

Eggs: Medium size between 53-61 gr with the necessary markings, packaged by the packaging center, with the following indications provided by the applicable legislation:

  • Name and address of the handling centre or packing company
  • Distinguishing number of the handling centre
  • Egg class A.
  • Weight category
  • Number of eggs
  • Date of minimum durability

The expiration date should be 15 days from the delivery date.

Flour and VHT Milk: The expiration date should be at least 6 months from the delivery date.


Packages must be free of schisms or defects, clean, and without any physical damage. They should not be marked with rust, rust, dents, marks, bloat in the trunk or edges

Packages should be properly labelled in Greek as required by current legislation: the product name, the name and address of the producer / packager, the weight of the contents, the date of production and expiry, the list of ingredients, the nutrition information and instructions for use where required / applied.

The cardboard box which will contain all other items of Annex B2 – Fresh Food Box Contents shall bear the informative label with the boxes contents, which will refer to the number of the PO, under which it was purchased. The size of the label should be either A4 or letter-sized.

The cardboard box shall be able to withstand 3m-high stacking for more than 48 hours and 10 handling.


The delivery of all specified items on the Purchase Order must be completed within 7 calendar days after the awarded supplier signs the DRC PO.

The delivery of the items will be carried out in a place in the site designated by DRC Greece representatives.

The food will be delivered in clean vehicles which will be certified for food transportation. Cold foods (refrigerated) will have to be delivered at temperatures between 1◦C and 5◦C.

All delivered items will be accounted for and inspected both quantitatively and qualitatively prior to signing the delivery note. In case of any discrepancy, the delivery note will not be signed, and the Supplier will be notified for immediate rectification (within 2 hours).

The drivers of the vehicles must hold the required driving documents for the analogous vehicle type and the vehicles must have all the certificates/ documents as required by Law for the transport of all food item categories (dry storage, refrigerated and frozen items)

Delivery notice: in order for any delivery to be accepted in the specified location, a 48-hours notice needs to be given by the supplier in writing, unless a shorter notice period is agreed in specific circumstances between the supplier and DRC Greece.

Closing date and time for receipt of Tender Bids 1st March 2021,14:00, Greece local time

Bids can be submitted by email ONLY to the following dedicated, controlled, & secure email address: [email protected]

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