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Supporting users throughout the Cocoa Consultation

Terms of Reference: Supporting users throughout the Cocoa Consultation


The Fairtrade Standards follow a collaborative approach as part of which several consultations take place with a variety of stakeholders. They are expected to give feedback on several sections after making an informed decision of which approach is the appropriate one. Information is available beforehand for them to assess.

Currently the consultation phase for the next Fairtrade Cocoa Standard is running. It is done in two phases, and we would like to better support users digest the necessary content in a more user friendly way towards phase two. The consultations are usually published on the Fairtrade International website, one of the latest is visible here:

At the moment, the complimentary information users receive is very text heavy in a static document with different sections. Stakeholders then need to go to a separate platform to answer a set of questions.


Have a specific section within the current Fairtrade website where users can access relevant information regarding the cocoa standard and its consultation.

The section should provide readers with enough information to understand what Fairtrade is proposing as a new cocoa standard, in a way that is clear and engaging. It should also implicitly show Fairtrade as a leader when it comes to this sphere of work.

Readers should then be redirected from to a survey tool and to give the views on the Fairtrade proposals.

It should be noted the pool of people accessing these type of content might be very different, ranging from brands and retailers (e.g. Rewe, Aldi, Lidl, Tony Chocolonely) producer organisations, potential donors, member associations, CSOs

It should be noted the solution provided should be flexible enough in terms of structure for it to be re-used in the future for other consultations.

The following are our expectations for what viewers/users should mainly be able to do:

1. Users should be able to have an overview of what the consultation is about and its different sections

2. Users should be able to select a section they are interested in to read in detail

3. The section should have the capacity for it to integrate text, images and video if needed

4. Users should be able to access from the page a survey tool

Technical Requirements:

The current website runs on Craft CMS. The solution needs to be able to be integrated with this framework, whether it is by using existing modules the platform allows, or via an embed. At Fairtrade International we need to be able to have backend access regarding the agreed solution, and be able to manage content independently.

It should be to a certain extent aligned to existing sections within the existing site as for it not to look disjointed. We would suggest to follow a similar structure to this one here: \

Application Process:

Please send your application to [email protected] outlining before 24 September

  • Expression of Interest with an overview of who you/your agency is. Stating why you are in a good position to take on this project
  • List of past clients/references
  • At least three examples of similar projects which have functionalities close to those outlined above.
  • Other relevant work
  • Retro-planning for project considering the deadline as Jan 2022
  • Budget breakdown listing cost per day in Euros
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