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NRC ICT: Tender for a global framework agreement to provide VSAT services


NRC currently has a global frame agreement with a single VSAT provider although local offices are free to procure from other providers. VSAT solutions are currently deployed in Yemen, Mali, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Niger, and Nigeria. Specific sites and specifications are attached at the end of this document.

Where NRC has invested in VSAT services, we currently own all the equipment.

While NRC has operations from Myanmar to Columbia and we do expect some needs to arise elsewhere, the focus of our VSAT deployments has been across Africa + Yemen and this remains the current priority.


  • Capacity: See attached spreadsheet for current indicative use. We currently expect some growth in all of these sites. We have included some non-satellite locations for comparison and would consider moving them if supplier’s offering is competitive.
  • Uptime: 99.96% or better
  • Packet loss: 0.5% or better
  • Latency: while NRC would like to target 550ms, we recognize that this may vary by site and that there are technical constraints. However, latency should not exceed 600ms.
  • Upload: the solution must allow scaling of upload speeds to greater than 2Mbps except where mutually agreed.
  • Traffic shaping can be a valuable tool in optimizing bandwidth. Please describe your solution and whether it can accommodate different profiles for different times of day.
  • Re-use: NRC has already invested in dishes, BUC, modems, and power, etc, for our current VSAT locations. Most of our hardware is as follows although we also have some Norsat LNB and other variations.
  • Coverage: While the majority of NRC’s satellite communication needs (and the priority in this request) are in Africa and Yemen, see attached spreadsheet, we operate across the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America. Please provide any maps and roll-out roadmaps beyond Africa with significant variation in latency and cost, if any.
  • While this tender is primarily for VSAT services, NRC procures fibre, telephony, and other telecommunication services. If you also offer terrestrial, microwave, and other services in the regions where we operate, please describe them here and whether such services could be included in the agreement.
  • Coverage: If there are any NRC countries in which you cannot deploy services due to regulatory or legal constraints, please list them.
  • Mobile or Temporary Solutions (optional): NRC specializes in being able to serve people in hard-toreach areas and often needs to run temporary assessments in these areas before establishing a more permanent presence. If you have any portable solutions suitable for a small team to take into a remote area and be able to deploy themselves and then bring back, please describe the solution and associated costs.
  • Do you operate your own teleport? If so, please specify location(s), scale of the operation, and upcoming plans. If not, please elaborate on your partnerships and how you guarantee continuity and quality of the service.


Please send a quotation or price list, requirements compliance, and any supporting presentation or materials in English to: [email protected]

Please include a signed copy of the Annex 1 ethical declaration.

Quotations must be in Euro.

Deadline, see below, is EOD 25 October 2021. Late bids may not be read.


NRC recognizes that the timeline is aggressive, and we commit to respond in a timely manner to all questions and to provide clear feedback throughout the process.

04 October 2021: RFQ (this document) is sent out.

25 October 2021: Initial vendor responses are due.

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