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Thematic Evaluation of the Global Fund TERG Thematic Evaluation on Strategic Initiative TGF-21-005


The Global Fund allocates most of its funding through country allocations, but also investsfunding through the catalytic investments to support activities which may not be easilyoperationalized within country allocations. The Global Fund Board 2 set out that catalyticinvestments can be operationalized through three distinct modalities3,4: matching funds; multicountry grants; and strategic initiatives (SIs)i. The purpose of SIs is to provide limited funding for
centrally managed approaches that cannot be addressed through country allocations due to theircross-cutting or off-cycle nature, but critical to ensure country allocations deliver against theGlobal Fund Strategic Objectives6


As the Global Fund prepares for its next strategy period, it is important to critically assess howthe SIs have been functioning and to what extent they have achieved their intended objectives.

The overarching objective is to evaluate value added by SIs, including but not limited to theircatalytic effects, to inform the discussions by the Board and SC for the 2023-2025 allocationperiod. More specific objectives are:

1. To assess whether the SIs have achieved their intended objectives, in particular the extentto which the SIs have been catalytic;
2. To review how and on what basis areas for SIs were selected and whether they have beensufficiently prioritized; and
3. To review the SIs implementation arrangements and how performance is monitored toidentify key contributing factors that made SI’s more successful.


The evaluation will focus primarily on the strategic level, e.g., selection, design andimplementation arrangements of SIs, rather than operational details/processes. The evaluationof the SIs’ catalytic effect to enhance output, outcome and impact will have to focus on those ofthe 2017-2019 allocation period, while the 2020 to 2022 allocation cycle will be able to provideevidence to inform evaluation objective two (2) on SI prioritization.

The evaluation and its recommendations should inform the development of, and decisions takenon, the relevant part of the 2023-2025 allocation methodology and may inform, where relevant,the implementation of SIs in the 2020-2022 allocation period, noting that the majority of theseSIs will have begun implementation already.

The initiatives that were funded in the 2017-2019 allocation without follow-on initiatives in thenew allocation period are out of scope from in-depth analysis

Also, the SI on the TERG independent evaluation is out of scope to avoid conflict of interest from this evaluation.


Suggested evaluation team profile

The TERG is looking for a team composed of a senior team leader14 who has robust managementskills and experience, with a good understanding of the Global Fund or similar organization; andextensive experience in health systems, partnerships, HIV/TB/malaria as well as a strongunderstanding of aid coordination in global public health principles, supported by experiencedevaluators. An ideal team should include members who are from and working in Global Fundgrant implementing countries. A successful vendor under this RFP may be required to work withother teams that are working for TERG work to strengthen this evaluation.

All proposed members should sign letters on his/her availability for this work and describe anyactual, potential or perceived Conflict of Interest, including any work performed for StrategicInitiatives, which should be included in proposals.

Deadline: February 22, 2021


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