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Training courses of English Language for NACP staff 


Support to anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine is a high political priority for the European Union. By combatting corruption, the EU contributes to the consolidation of democracy and economic growth of Ukraine, as well as successful approximation of Ukraine with the EU.

Based on the significant results of the joint Danish and EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) in Phase I 2017-2020, Denmark and the EU engaged in a second phase of the programme aimed at sustaining existing results and further expanding the support to newly established institutions, support to municipalities, civil society, media and the business sector. EUACI Phase II builds on the Ukrainian anti-corruption reform agenda and is intended for implementation in 24 May 2020 – 8 July 2024.

October 2019 Ukrainian Parliament amended the Law on Corruption Prevention to ensure the effectiveness of the corruption prevention institutional mechanism by relaunching the agency. EUACI has been actively supporting restructuring process of the agency following these legislative amendments. Relaunch of the agency and open and competitive NACP Head selection process re-established the trust among many international actors to re-engage with the agency. NACP is using this opportunity to invigorate the agency by designing and implementing a number of reforms in different areas of the competences of the agency in order to ensure the effectiveness of the corruption prevention institutional mechanism and deliver real and substantial result.

EUACI supports key areas of NACP’s multi-pronged mandate, including strengthening the governance and administrative and institutional capacities to ensure sustainable institutional development of NACP. In particular, the EUACI II Workplan envisages a series of performance trainings for NACP staff aimed at ensuring sustainable institutional development of NACP, including English-language courses. It is foreseen that improving of professional English-language skills will improve the performance of the NACP by fostering the ability of the staff to acquire knowledge on international best practices in governance, law, public administration and service delivery, regularly communicate in English with development partners and on various issues in connection with execution of its functions, process and draft the necessary documents dealing with issues within NACP mandate, take part in international events held in the English language where they exchange experience with international colleagues and communicate the progress of Ukraine, develop partnership with foreign colleagues and institutions, etc.  Hence, assistance with improving of professional English-language skills is seen as a vital part of ensuring sustainable institutional development of NACP.

Objectives and results

The objective of this assignment is to organize and facilitate English Language Courses for NACP staff. EUACI intends to make this contribution by signing a contract with a relevant professional service provider.

Scope of work 

The Contractor undertakes to perform the Services with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence and integrity. The Contractor is required to:

  1. Make a preliminary test and assess the overall level of English proficiency of up to 60 individuals of the NACP staff, with the possibility of groups separated based of the assessment, for instance but not necessary with individuals having reached: 1) level A2; 2) level B1; 3) level B2 and 4) level C1;
  2. Draft a specific English programme focused to a large extent on anti-corruption related legal terminology;
  3. Organise 1 semester of trainings in the premises of NACP. It is planned that the course would start in April 2021. The English course will consist of 60 learning hours for each of groups, of which learning hours for anti-corruption prevention English Course can take up to 70% of the time, depending on the level. Each lesson should last one and a half hour;
  4. Organise overall monitoring of trainees’ attendance;
  5. Provide after 50% use of the overall foreseen working time under this contract one brief midterm report indicating whether this activity is on or off track with justification of reasons and suggested adjustments;
  6. Organise final performance assessment of English skills of trainees.
  7. Provide final report with assessment of progress made as well as recommendations for future.

The Contractor must also take into account the followings:

  • Tentative timing for lessons is 8:00-9:30 or 13:00-14:30 twice a week in the premises of NACP;
  • One group should preferably consist of no more than 15 trainees;
  • Provider should ensure all necessary materials available for successful facilitation of English Courses;
  • In case of lockdown or other limitations due to COVID19 if officially introduced by the Government of Ukraine, the terms for delivering the service may be adjusted. Any related changes will be agreed upon both parties to the contract and Beneficiary and reflected in the form of the annex to the contract;
  • The Contractor undertakes the responsibility to inform EUACI and NACP leadership if at any time while delivering the service the Contractor experiences insufficient participation from the NACP staff in the trainings. Depending on the circumstances the course can be suspended until necessary adjustments are ensured by the NACP leadership.

Logistics and timing 


The Contractor will perform all the required services in Ukraine. The Contractor will perform all the work required by this project in the premises of NACP.

Start date and period of implementation of tasks

The intended commencement date is upon the signature of the contract by both parties. The service should be delivered no later than 31 December 2021. The Contractor will perform all the required services in Ukraine. The Contractor will perform all the work required by this project in the premises of NACP.

Requirements for the Contractor

The Contractor shall:

-Have at least 5 (five) years proven working experience in organizing English training with positive feedback received from trainees;

-Be a legal entity with proven financial sustainability, be able to ensure economic and technical capacities to perform the mentioned services;

– Have proven experience in organizing corporate courses to private entities and public administrations;

-Proven experience of cooperation with the EU or other donor-funded projects will be an advantage;

– Propose key lecturers (up to three) to perform this assignment. Their CVs should demonstrate their relevant experience and expertise.

The Provider bears sole responsibility for the implementation of the assignment.

Estimated level of effort

The requested input includes 60 learning hours for 60 participants taking the course, preliminary tests and drafting a programme based on the results, final assessment, mid-term and final reports, all necessary materials and commuting for the purpose of training to NACP premises.

Monitoring and evaluation

Definition of indicators

The performance of the Contractor will be judged upon reaching the purpose of this contract as well as obtaining its results, as indicated in the section” Objective and results” herein respectively. Moreover, the performance of the Contractor will be judged upon successful implementation of all the specific activities indicated in section” Scope of work” of the present document.

Special requirements

By signing the contract, the Contractor agrees to hold in trust and confidence any information or documents (“confidential information”), disclosed to the Contractor or discovered by the Contractor or prepared by the Contractor in the course of or as a result of the implementation of the contract, and agrees that it shall be used only for the purposes of the contract implementation and shall not be disclosed to any third party.

Cross-cutting issues (integration of the youth, equal opportunities) 

The project will be implemented ensuring equal opportunities for men and women and integration of the youth.


Deadline for submitting the proposals is 16 April 2021 18:00 Kyiv time.

  • The proposal shall include information about the training centre/school, CV’s of the lecturers and financial information/budget for the training and should be submitted within the above deadline to Oleksandra Drik, [email protected] with the subject English training for NACP. The assessment would be based on CV’s of the lecturers, financial proposal and information about the training centre/school.
  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.

Bidding language: English.

Clarification questions

Any clarification questions for the request for bid should be addressed to Oleksandra Drik, [email protected], not later than 9 April 2021, 17:00 Kyiv time.

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Corruption remains endemic in Ukraine and is an impediment for its democratic and economic development. Supporting efforts to combat corruption in Ukraine is a foundation for Danish and EU support to Ukraine. European Union Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) co-funded and implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark consolidates efforts directed at assisting Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts.


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